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Minnie Dlamini tied the knot in 2017 and she’s brought her trials, tribulations and big day to Showmax, with the three-part reality show Becoming Mrs Jones.

But it’s more than just an outside look in as Minnie walked to the altar as Miss Dlamini, and away from it as Mrs Quinton Jones. “This is the build-up and road to my wedding. It’s going to show audiences the real me, the real relationship and the real love I have for my husband,” explains the actress, model, radio and TV presenter.

Weddings don’t just happen overnight though. Wedding planners are brought in to supervise and build the big day, piece by piece. But that doesn’t mean they’re in the bride and her groom’s heads. “It has to be perfect,” says Minnie, “not a piece out of place.” And since Minnie is a newly married woman, who better to help put together your wedding? After all, her CV proves that she’s more than qualified assisting you to the altar and the reception dance floor…

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Becoming Mrs Jones on Showmax
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Fashion full marks

As a former model, Mrs Jones knows what looks good and what looks great! That helps when you’re planning a wedding ceremony because there’s an overall theme that needs to be followed – and it all needs to look amazing! If that’s not enough, Minnie’s got contacts in the fashion world. Her dress wasn’t just designed by famed fashion superstar Gert-Johan Coetzee, he personally delivered it to her door. “This dress is so important and special that I am personally getting on a plane to hand it over to Minnie on the day of her wedding,” says Gert-Johan. That’s the kind of service – and friendship – money can’t buy. Watch now »

Delegation diva

When she’s not acting and DJing on radio, Minnie is a businesswoman and emcee. With all those skills, she knows what it takes to pull off an event and who needs to do what, when and how. And isn’t that exactly what a wedding planner does? Plan the wedding! By having one person dishing out jobs and directing the team, there’s no miscommunication, no mistakes and no stress… for the bride and groom. And Minnie isn’t the kind of person who’d accept anything but the best… which brings us to our next point. Watch now »

This is my tale and I’m giving viewers and unedited, unrestricted and uncensored look at who I am. I am being me and telling my story, my way.

Living in luxury

The actress is all about the finer things in life – for her hen party, she took her bridesmaids to Paris, for crying out loud! If you’re spending a fortune (and even if you aren’t) on your big day, you want that special touch. “This is my tale and I’m giving viewers and unedited, unrestricted and uncensored look at who I am. I am being me and telling my story, my way,” says the 27-year-old. Even her everyday wardrobe never has a stitch out of place, a scuff on her designer heels or a smudge of glam lippy. That’s the perfection and appreciation for luxury that you deserve on that trip to the altar. Watch now »

Party people in the house tonight

Minnie is a queen bee in the world of celebrity and that means a flip through her smartphone and you’ve got the who’s who of Mzansi’s A-list lined up as guests. Everyone from businesswoman Basetsana Kumalo to radio DJ and TV presenter Anele Mdoda to singer and reality show judge Unathi Msengana will be there. And that means loads of paparazzi too! “I’ve been in the spotlight for the last seven years,” says Minnie, “and in that time I have had a lot of coverage.” If you want people talking about your nuptials, how better than with a star-studded invite list? Watch now »

Sealing the deal

Close your eyes and listen to the intro of Becoming Mrs Jones. Listen to what Minnie is saying – “Everyone deserves love. You have to love yourself. Taking a break from love was my way back into love, my way back to Quinton.” If you’re working with a wedding planner who doesn’t believe in romance and love and all things warm and fuzzy, you’ve got the wrong planner! And if you’ve got that first step wrong, everything that follows will flop. How will your wedding planner know that you want off-white roses rather than red unless they understand the purity of your love? They won’t know that you want a chocolate cake with Belgian truffles because that’s your fiancé’s favourite sweet treat. They won’t understand the significance of a traditional wedding ceremony if they’re not in tune with you and the love you’re celebrating. Watch now »

If you’ve watched Becoming Mrs Jones and still don’t think that Minnie Dlamini is the perfect wedding planner, best you go get hitched at the trailer park down the road, ’cos y’all don’t deserve this kind of perfection!

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