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Author Michael Connelly created our hero, Harry Bosch, a homicide detective in the Hollywood division of the LAPD. He’s like a dog with a bone when it comes to murders in his jurisdiction: he never, ever lets go. Binge on Seasons 1 to 4 first and only on Showmax.

Bosch Season 4 is now on Showmax
Titus Welliver as Detective Harry Bosch. Image: Redarrow

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Season 1

Bosch is being sued by the family of the suspected serial killer he shot two years ago, even though he was cleared of the man’s murder. He switches with two other cops to take the weekend shift, and has no idea how the grisly, heartbreaking case he stumbles across will change his life. Who was the boy whose bones were found buried in the woods? When did he die? And who abused him so badly that he had over 40 broken bones?

This season was inspired by Connelly’s bestselling thrillers City of Bones, Echo Park and the Concrete Blonde. (The author created and acted as executive producer of the show.) Watch now »

Season 2

As taut, suspenseful and gruesome as the first, the second season kicks off six months after the action of Season 1. Bosch immediately starts investigating a murder with connections to the mob, but within the first six episodes of the 10-episode season, he’s taken on a bigger caseload, with multiple mysteries at the forefront of his obsessive mind. Connelly’s readers will recognise the flavour of Trunk Music, The Drop and The Last Coyote, which is apparently Connelly’s favourite of the series.

As IndieWire says, what the masterful second season does is give Bosch, the dog with the bone, a bit more to chew on. Watch now »

Season 3

This season centres on Bosch’s hunt for his mother’s killer, and his fixation with the murder of a homeless war vet. In the background, Ramos’s mayoral victory has ramifications for Bosch and his team in the LAPD, especially since O’Shea, the DA, lost the vote by a landslide.

Season 3 draws from Connelly’s first Bosch novel, The Black Echo (1992), and the seventh, A Darkness More Than Night (2001). Watch now »

Season 4

Released only last week in the US, this latest season deals with a topical political issue – police treatment of black suspects in the States. When an attorney who is about to bring a case against the LAPD is murdered just before the trial, Bosch is tasked with leading the team in the investigation to find the killer before LA erupts into a city of riots.

Based on Connelly’s novel Angels Flight, this season ties up some of the loose ends from Season 3, and has been hailed as the most engrossing season yet. Watch now »

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