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Existing somewhere between horror and fantasy (and sometimes even sci-fi and drama), supernatural TV shows stretch our imagination as they transport us to a universe with limitless possibilities. In this universe, the dead don’t stay dead (Freakish), blood-thirsty vampires fall in love with humans (True Blood, Vampire Diaries) and a mermaid on a revenge mission risks dehydration as she roams on land (Siren).

If you are ready to jump into this dark abyss of TV shows, Showmax brings you an unforgettable selection of supernatural TV shows that scare you and keep you intrigued at the same time.

To help you navigate this creepy, mysterious and uncertain universe, this supernatural viewing guide will help you choose what to watch on Showmax depending on the “amount of scary” you can handle. Beware – this list is dark and full of terror.

Light-hearted supernatural fun

Easy-watching, family-suitable viewing

Doctor Who, S9-11

While the monsters are truly terrifying (Weeping Angels, eeeek), this is more sci-fi adventure than supernatural horror. Season 10 is first and only on Showmax, and it’s the final season featuring Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. And the brand-new S11 of the world’s longest-running sci-fi series now arrives express from the UK every Monday, only on Showmax. Watch now »

Too emo to even scare you

The high school drama overpowers the scary stuff.


If The Walking Dead and a high school teen soapy drama (they are many, take your pick) had a baby, it would be Freakish, the post-apocalyptic teen drama-horror that revolves around a group of high school students who survive a chemical explosion and must fight to stay alive in the now zombie-infested town. Perhaps it’s a consolation that you will find your favourite internet stars like YouTube’s Liza Koshy and Vine’s Hayes Grier here. Kind of dilutes the horror of Freakish, no? Catch Freakish on Showmax. Watch now »

Teen Wolf

High school teen Scott McCall’s life takes a drastic turn when an animal bite turns him into a werewolf, in turn revealing a dangerous supernatural world that he must now enter as he carries the weight of his town on his shoulders. Welcome to Beacon Hills, Teen Wolf S1-6 is streaming on Showmax. Watch now »

Love, blood and fangs

Relationship drama and baggage, only bloodier.

The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries on Showmax
Image: CBS

In the small mysterious town of Mystic Falls, an intense love triangle ensues when two vampire brothers fall for the same girl against the backdrop of a centuries-old feud among supernaturals. The Vampire Diaries S1-7 is available on Showmax. Watch now »

True Blood

True Blood on Showmax
Image: HBO

Set in the small town of Bon Temps, True Blood tells the story of the naïve, telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse who falls in love with a 173-year-old vampire amidst growing tensions, rivalries and power struggles between humans and vampires. Get your fang game on, True Blood S1-7 is available on Showmax. Watch now »

Superhero supernatural

Nothing can scare you with this team behind you.

Cloak & Dagger

Tandy and Tyrone’s lives both fell apart when they were eight years old, when their family members were killed in a mysterious oil rig explosion in their hometown of New Orleans. Now, eight years later, they’re struggling to cope – until they run into each other and discover that they have deadly, dark superpowers that work best when they’re together. Can they use their powers to fight the forces who destroyed their families? The series that is first and only on Showmax also features ancient voodoo and some kind of supernatural energy that runs beneath the city. Watch now »

You are now entering the danger zone

Tread carefully, you might want to have your therapist on speed dial here.


Perhaps sensing that the rhetoric of vampires and werewolves had been thoroughly overused in the supernatural TV world, Siren introduces us to the ethereal mermaid Ryn. But be warned, Ryn is no Disney’s Ariel. She is a vengeful mermaid baying for blood as she wreaks havoc in the small coastal town of Bristol Cove in search of her sister. Siren is now streaming on Showmax. Watch now »

Room 104

The Duplass Brothers’ Room 104 is an anthology series that revolves around the experiences of different characters who check into one specific motel room (Room 104), from the funniest to the most bizarre to the scariest stories. Check into Room 104, now on Showmax. Watch now »

The “help me, what did I just watch?” zone

These will scare the daylights out of you, for real horror lives here.

Channel Zero

The mother of all horrors in this list, Channel Zero is an anthology series based on popular horror images and stories shared by users on the internet. Get ready for your scary paranormal fix and some gruesome scenes that calls for a stronger heart. Channel Zero S1-2 are only on ShowmaxWatch now »

The Magicians

Dark magic comes to life in this fantasy series where students at a magic school join forces to fight a dangerous monster that threatens humanity and the one thing they love the most – magic. Watch The Magicians S1-4, only on Showmax. Watch now »

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