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Diana Trout casts out her singleton line in the first four episodes of Younger‘s latest season, first on Showmax.

There’s nothing new about marketing guru Diana Trout’s (Miriam Shor) mega-demanding nature in dramedy Younger (stream it now on Showmax). She’s been forceful, mean, short and pushing her staff’s buttons since episode. Diana really is too demanding, and that’s probably why she’s single again. She gave Richard (Mather Zickel) the boot in the season 4 finale. Not that Diana or Miriam are bothered by the split (after all, Richard wasn’t exactly being honest) …

It felt victorious,” says Miriam in an interview with The Wrap. “But it was very important in the episode that she breaks up with him that we not paint it as this sad and desperate moment. That she’s gonna be alone and that that’s somehow pathetic. I honestly think that it cost her emotionally, she loved him. But I wanted to see this as a moment of empowerment.”

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Three reasons why Diana Trout is the queen 👑 we didn’t know we needed: She’s ambitious She’s hilarious She’s 100% high fashion #YoungerTV #WCW

Gone fishing

So, what’s a girl to do now that she’s no longer weighed down by the old ball and chain? You’d think that a serious worker bee like Diana would dive into her job, but not when office hottie Charles (Peter Hermann) is just as single and ready to mingle (kinda – there’s still that niggly wife problem he can’t get rid of no matter how hard he tries). “It’s actually one of the best running jokes on the show – Diana’s office crush on Charles,” giggles Miriam. But there’s possibly going to be a blockage in the romance pipeline…

Enzo (Chris Tardio) was a fan favourite from the start,” explains Miriam to IB Times. “Everyone was always like ‘How about that plumber?'” Well the plumber’s back on the scene and with Richard flushed like a dead goldfish, it might just be the right time for Diana to snag her pipe pro. “They’re getting their second chance at starting something. A lot has happened in Diana’s personal life between then and now and she hasn’t necessarily moved on from the heartbreak that Richard caused.”

Ms Trout is intimidating, confident, bossy, demanding. She knows her job and she knows her market. And a lot of men find that scary. “There are many things that she could work on. But what I love about her is that she’s unapologetic about the power she has. She’s 100% confident in her abilities and she doesn’t suffer fools – these are qualities I wish I had,” gushes Miriam to FanFest.

She’s great at what she does and no one will tell her otherwise. Even when she’s turning heads for the wrong reasons – take a peek at some of her awesome-but-quirky necklaces here – you can’t hate her. “I think that women are conditioned to feel that way [apologetic],” says Miriam. “I love that Diana owns her power and doesn’t apologise for it. I would love to get some of that for myself!” Even the way she handles her staff, while intimidating and daunting, is a sight to behold. When she walks into her office in the morning, the coffee had better be hot, the croissants had better be fresh, and Charles had better be wearing pants that show off the junk in his trunk.

Diana is Team Charles. Diana is like the manager of Team Charles,” giggles Miriam.

The whole of Season 5 is only available on Showmax, with the finale landing express from the US, so you can catch all of Diana’s most hilarious moments from the very beginning.

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