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With the launch of Younger Season 5 on Showmax this month, we got to thinking about our favourite romantic moments between Liza, the most successful 40-year-old millennial ever, and her twenty-something tattoo-artist ex-boyfriend Josh. From French kissing to spontaneous New York moments, the two of them pretty much run the gamut from sweet to steamy in the first few seasons.

1. “Some secrets are worth keeping.”

At the end of Season 2, episode 3, Josh surprises Liza by turning up at Kelsey’s Millennial Print launch party. They’re on a Brooklyn rooftop with the city lights all a-twinkle, there’s a zeitgeist-y pop song pulsing in the background, and before they start kissing Liza says, “Thank you for keeping my secret.” Josh growls, “Yeah, well…”, and we’re sure they’re going to make it.

2. “Making up”

In Season 2, episode 1, thanks to a lack of appreciation for the subtleties of punctuation, Josh sends Liza a text that looks like a cursory break-up. But then he gives her daughter Caitlyn a tattoo, without realising who she is, and Liza storms down to his shop to give him a piece of her mind. They clear up the mix-up, and Josh kisses her temple, and then her lips, apologising “for everything” and offering to make it up to her. Of course, Caitlyn is staring straight at them through the window, which kind-of kills the moment … but not completely.

3. The impromptu slow-dance

While on their not-a-date in Season 1, episode 2, Josh and Liza walk past the guy who parks his convertible in a different spot in the city every night, blaring old ballads and singing along, and Josh starts slow-dancing with Liza on the street. After a few moments he dashes off to buy her the best meatballs in the city. If being pulled into a slow dance before being fed isn’t pure romance, we don’t know what is.

4. The literally steamy make-out sesh

Josh and Liza toast to her first assignment as a “book doctor” with wine in tumblers while sharing a bubble bath in Season 1, episode 11. Liza describes how the woman in the book gets her sexual awakening. “Do they ever take a bath?” Josh whispers. “They could,” she replies, “I could write that passage.” Just as they’re getting to the climax of what would happen, Liza is forced to remember one of the biggest downsides of dating a twentysomething when Josh’s rude roommate bursts into the bathroom to fetch his phone.

5. The pot pop

Okay, so it’s not exactly the smoothest move, having your girlfriend confiscate your marijuana lollipop. But Liza getting stoned at her Jersey friends Michelle and Tom’s dinner party in Season 2, episode 5, brings us to the most romantic thing about Josh – he refuses to let her go. After Michelle gets to Liza by making some very rational points about why she and Josh will never work out long-term, Liza goes ahead and chomps the whole thing. Josh realises she’s acting strangely while they’re staring up at Tom’s prized trellis, and the humour and gentleness he treats her stoned self with is lovely enough, but then, once they’re home, he proves how much he’s grown when he says, “I don’t know what our future holds, but I know I don’t want to bail on this. So … can we keep going?”

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