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We get it. You’re a serious series junkie. You’ve seen every episode of every show that your friends are only just getting into, you can quote offhand from every long-running iconic show to hit TV, from The Wire to The Sopranos to Friends to Sex and the City, and, quite frankly, you’re pretty sure there’s nothing worth seeing that you haven’t already watched.

Well, these binge-worthy shows that you’ll only find on Showmax are here to prove you wrong.

The Last Post

Genre: Period drama

Watch if you love: Call the Midwife

The Girlfriend Experience

Genre: Adult drama (no under-18s!)

Watch if you love: Sex and the City

Future Man

Genre: Sci-fi comedy

Watch if you love: Doctor Who

The Adult Swim Collection

Genre: Comedy

Watch if you love: South Park

Vikings, S1-S5B

Genre: Action drama

Watch if you love: Game of Thrones

AP Bio

Genre: Comedy

Watch if you love: Impastor

HBO’s Succession

Genre: Dark comedy/family drama

Watch if you love: The River


Genre: Fantasy/sci-fi

Watch if you loved: Chris Nolan’s 2010 movie Inception

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger

Genre: Fantasy/superhero

Watch if you loved: Marvel’s Black Panther

Younger, S1-5

Genre: Romcom/drama

Watch if you love: The Bold Type

Marvel’s Runaways

Genre: Superhero fantasy

Watch if you loved: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy


Genre: Fantasy/thriller

Watch if you love: Westworld

The Crossing

Genre: Sci-fi

Watch if you love: The Handmaid’s Tale

Dark Angel

Genre: Period drama/crime

Watch if you love: The Frankenstein Chronicles


Genre: Dark comedy/drama

Watch if you love: Veep

Bosch, S1-4

Genre: Crime drama

Watch if you love: The Wire

The Young Pope

Genre: Drama

Watch if you love: Vikings

HBO’s Room 104, S1-2

Genre: Anthology drama

Watch if you love: Fargo

Harlots, S1-2

Genre: Period drama/thriller

Watch if you love: Big Little Lies

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