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It’s another week with more shows that are first and only on Showmax, including every episode of The Crossing. Plus, we’ve got some inspiring football documentaries to get you ready for the World Cup! Take a look at everything below.

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The Crossing | All episodes first on Showmax

Tensions are growing worse between the future refugees and the local town. But there are even stranger and more grisly events happening inside the camp that nobody suspected. All 11 episodes are now ready to binge! Watch it now »

Ballers S3 (HB0)

Spencer is ready to be a father. That’s if he can find time while bringing professional American football to Las Vegas. At least he’s got it easy compared to Charles. Watch it now »

Insecure S2 (HB0)

Issa is trying out new dates, yet longs for Lawrence, who is keeping things relaxed with a new fling. But the two aren’t done yet in this sizzling season. Watch it now »

Movie additions


Image: NBC

Unlike other boys, John’s teddy bear is alive! This was fun when he was a kid, but a little strange now he’s an adult in this hit comedy! Watch it now »


Image: Times Media

Adam has always looked after himself, but when he’s diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, he starts living his life very differently in this heart-warming, bittersweet drama. Watch it now »

Fiddler on the Roof

Image: MGM

Enjoy the classic movie musical about a peasant farmer trying desperately to find good husbands for his five daughters. Watch it now »

Kids’ shows

Peppa Pig S2

Image: eOne

Peppa explores her muddy-puddled world with her trademark blend of curiosity and cleverness, along with her little brother George, her best friend Suzie Sheep and newcomer Emily Elephant. Watch it now »


Big Men

Image: Gravitas

Many shady people are making a lot of money from West Africa’s oil, no matter what laws they break. One brave filmmaker digs into this industry, exposing the corruption underneath. Watch it now »

We Must Go

Image: Gravitas

In 2012, the Egyptian national football team got a new coach and the ambition to qualify for the 2014 World Cup, finally told in this inspiring new documentary. Watch it now »

Men in the Arena – First on Showmax

Image: Gravitas

Their country has been devastated by war. But two friends have big dreams, taking them to the Somali national football team and beyond, against all odds. Watch it now »

Sport additions

Once in a Lifetime: World Cup 2010

Image: SuperSport

The movie explores South Africa’s successful hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, integrating inspiring visuals and interviews with a range of people. Watch it now »

Football’s Greatest

Image: SuperSport

Ronaldinho. Alan Shearer. Thierry Henry. Each episode in this series gives you an inside look at the lives and careers of these phenomenal football legends. Watch it now »

South African additions

Fluiters S1

Image: kykNET

Deon Opperman wrote this addictive local thriller series about whistleblowers coming up against corrupt government and ISIS officials. Starring Marius Weyers, Sandra Prinsloo and more SA screen veterans. Watch it now »

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