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With fun Hollywood films, scary series, hilarious stand-up comedy and hard-hitting local content, Showmax has something for everyone this weekend.

International series

Ash vs Evil Dead, S1

When evil is about to destroy the world, there is only one man who can take care of business! Alas, that one man is an egocentric, loudmouthed, impulsive idiot. Don’t miss this hilarious, super-gory, always entertaining madness. Watch now »

Freakish, S2

The fight for survival continues as Lashawn, still alive, returns to the school. But others have followed him and they are set to kill the remaining students. It’s a game of hide and seek as survival takes centre stage once again. Watch now »

The Handmaid’s Tale, S2

Opening on a shocking scene that brings the brutality of the Republic of Gilead to life, the new season of this award-winning series pulls no punches. Offred and her sisters might survive, but freedom will take much more. Watch now »

Good Karma Hospital, S2

The Good Karma Hospital is now streaming
Image: Endemol

The wonderful and whimsical hospital is back, where life can get demanding but there is always a bright side to things. A few new arrivals will make sure things aren’t going to quieten down! Watch now »

These are only a few of the series added in November – read the article below for the full list.

17 new series on Showmax in November 2018

Movie additions

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Anchorman 2 is on Showmax
Image: Paramount

Tempted by a job at the first 24-hour global cable news network, Ron puts together his team and hits the airwaves again. But they will need all of their insanity if they want to beat the ratings and impress a tough new boss… Watch now »


Gladiator on Showmax
Image: NBC

His name is Maximus, a once-great Roman general. Sold into slavery by the scheming son of the emperor, the warrior fights his way back to glory and gets revenge for his family in this modern cinema classic. Watch now »

She’s Out of My League

She's Out of My League is on Showmax
Image: Paramount

Everybody is stunned when gorgeous, successful Molly falls in love with Kirk, an average guy stuck in a dead-end job. Now he has to figure out how to make this relationship work, with no help from his friends, family or his ex. Watch now »

The Dictator

The Dictator on Showmax
Image: Paramount

General Aladeen has worked hard to defend his country from democracy. So he goes to New York to avoid an assassination plot… but is New York ready for his insanity? Watch now »

Kids’ additions

Wild Kratts, S1-3

Wild Kratts is on Showmax
Image: 9 Story

Join Chris and Martin Kratt, two science-loving brothers exploring natural habitats, studying animals and learning as they go. Watch them transform into animals with their special suits and learn what makes each species special. Watch now »

Documentary additions

Peace Officer | First on Showmax

Can peace be purchased with violence? That’s what this challenging documentary asks as it looks at the rapid militarisation of US police forces. As their weapons and tactics become more aggressive, are they part of the problem? Watch now »

Jerrod Carmichael: 8

Jerrod Carmichael: 8 is on Showmax
Image: HBO

With topics that range from climate change to Trump to being a good boyfriend, the hilarious stand-up genius Jerrod Carmichael goes to town in this side-splitting one hour special. All bets are off with his subversive humour! Watch now »

South African additions

‘n Pawpaw vir my Darling

'n Pawpaw vir my Darling is on Showmax
Image: kykNET Movies

Meet the Beeslaers, a hard drinking family the neighbours would love to get rid of. When their son comes home with an unexpected girlfriend, it starts a cascade of hilarious events in this irreverent and sharp comedy. Watch now »

Suidooster, S3

Suidooster on Showmax
Image: kykNET

All the drama continues for the people of Ruiterbosch, as Bianca tries to go cold turkey and some secrets start coming out. Don’t miss the new season of this popular Afrikaans soapie where passion and desperation stir the pot. Watch now »

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is on Showmax
Image: Mzansi Movies

Go into the minds of two killers in this gripping thriller. Caught by the police, they start detailing their murder spree. But when things don’t add up, their stories start unravelling towards a devastating climax. Watch now »

Sy Klink Soos Lente

Sy Klink Soos Lente is on Showmax
Image: kykNET Movies

If you’re a sucker for a good romantic comedy, then prepare to fall in love with Amalia Uys and Stiaan Smith in this sweet love story about an underachieving mechanic who pretends he’s in a band to impress his boss’s daughter. Watch now »


Alison is on Showmax
Image: Mzansi Movies

After being raped, then stabbed over 60 times, Alison Botha was left for dead. She survived and turned her tragedy into triumph. Now she takes her message of hope everywhere it’s needed as this documentary follows her journey. Watch now »

Survivor SA, S6

Survivor SA S6 is on Showmax
Image: Mzansi

The world’s greatest game is back, this time headed to the Philippines. A total of 18 contestants are placed on a remote island in the Palawan province and only the wiliest of them will survive to be crowned the winner! Watch now »

Is’thunzi, S1

Is'Thunzi is on Showmax
Image: Mzansi

They may be teens, but Winnie, Londi, Noxolo and Thishiwe face some serious situations in this powerful isiZulu drama. Alone they are in trouble, yet once the four stand together, life’s twists become a little easier to untangle. Watch now »

Mense Mense, S1

Mense Mense is on Showmax
Image: kykNET

Written specifically for lead star Bobby van Jaarsveld, this sitcom revolves newly divorced Rossouw and his friends, who all live in the same building. He’s starting a new life in the city, while his friends work on their app called Mense. Watch now »

Knapsekêrels, S1

Knapsekerels on Showmax International
Image: kykNET

In Paul C Venter’s popular series, the Bekkers, Zimmermans, Davids and Fortuins are all caught in a struggle for survival in Johannesburg. Expect lots of action and intrigue. Watch now »

Twee Grade van Moord

Twee Grade van Moord is on Showmax
Image: kykNET Movies

Two women, two murders. One homicide reflects the ultimate act of self-centredness, the other the greatest selfless act of them all. A psychologist and her patient are about to discover the difference – irrespective of the law. Watch now »

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