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We’ve just got Magicians S3 which is first and only on Showmax, and fantasy fans will love it. There are also loads of great local shows and other series, movies, doccies and kids’ shows waiting to be watched right now on Showmax.

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Series Additions

The Magicians S3 – First on Showmax

The Magicians S3 is first on Showmax
Image: NBC

The hit fantasy series is back and this time it means war as matters escalate from last season’s cliffhanger. The students are trying hard to bring magic back, but that’ll be tough as the fairies continue to occupy their world… Watch it now »

LA to Vegas – First on Showmax

LA to Vegas is first on Showmax
Image: FOX

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But what about all the crazy stuff that happens on the flights in and out of Sin City? Ronnie is the long-suffering flight attendant who faces it all in this hilarious new comedy series. Watch it now »

Check out the full list of series added this month here.

Movie Additions

Southside With You

Image: Times Media

Before he became the first black President of the US and she his wife, Barrack and Michelle went on a first date that would change their destinies. Watch it now »

The Prince And Me


Paige is very focused on her medical career. But things get complicated when she discovers her boyfriend will one day be the king of Denmark in this thrilling romcom. Watch it now » 


Image: NBC

It’s non-stop action in this epic adventure, where US and Japanese navies have to join forces and take on a dangerous alien menace that trapped their ships. Watch it now » 

Sport and Documentaries

Southern Rites (HBO)

Image: HBO

In a town where racial segregation still lives in the hearts of its residents, a shocking murder forces everyone to consider where they stand in this divisive debate. Watch it now »

Kids’ Shows

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S3

Image: Nickelodeon

The turtles are in hiding after escaping Shredder and Kraang’s attack. Now without Splinter, and Leonardo gravely injured, can they recover? But a few new friends are ready to help… Watch it now »

Shimmer & Shine S1

Image: Nickelodeon

Shimmer and Shine are genies-in-training. That means their wishes don’t always work out as planned, but luckily there are friends to help clean up the mess. Watch it now »

Pokémon Black & White Movie – Kyurem vs. the Sword of Justice

Pokemon Black & White the series is on Showmax
Image: Pokemon Studios

Ash and Pikachu step up to help a mythical Pokémon against the legendary dragon type Kyurem, who is holding the Sword of Justice Pokémons hostage. Watch it now »

South African Additions

The Queen S3

A successful businesswoman’s world threatens to end when her husband discovers her dark secrets. Now she’ll have to do the unthinkable in this new drama series that has SA talking. Watch it now »

Shepherds and Butchers (Mnet Movies)

Image: Mnet Movies

When a prison guard kills a group of men, only one lawyer stands against a system that should be blamed for his crime in this heart-stopping courtroom drama. Watch it now »


Siembamba is on Showmax
Image: Phoenix Films

She thought her depression was caused by her child’s birth. Then Chloe starts to suspect that an evil entity is haunting them, but nobody believes her… . Watch it now »

The Big Secret

Image: Viacom

Do you have a secret weighing you down? Khanyi Mbau heads out in this groundbreaking new reality show, where people get to let go of their deepest regrets.  Watch it now »

Bitten: Sarah Graham Cooks Cape Town S1

Image: DCD

Bitten is a fun, funky, real show about building relationships with people around food. It’s all about accessibility, about creating unintimidating dishes for real people in real social situations. It’s about everyday food and the people who make it….burns and botches included.  Watch it now »

Ocean Adventurer S1

Image: DCD

An adventure-filled series that dives below the surface of Southern Africa’s diverse marine ecosystems and wildlife.  Watch it now »

The Hangman

Image: Mnet Movies

Don’t miss this drama, where a prison warder discovers the truth of his father’s disappearance. Will he choose forgiveness or live with the regret of never accepting what happened?  Watch it now »

Shaka Zulu:Citadel

Image: Cote Ouest

Learn the true story of the legendary warrior who united his people and then built a kingdom that stood against an empire.  Watch it now »

Phil 101 S1

Phil 101 is on Showmax
Image: kykNET

They were once the boffins of the land, but now the only glory of this dysfunctional philosophy department is arguing with each other in this hilarious comedy series. Watch it now »


Image: kykNET

Abraham is a struggling artist deep in rural South Africa during the 1980s. He dreams of success one day, but the odds are against him in this brooding and tragic drama. Watch it now »

Die Pro

Image: kykNET

Tiaan loved surfing until his best friend died in an accident. Swearing he’ll never surf again, he may have no choice when his sister joins the surfers of Vlakberg. Watch it now »


Image: kykNET

A bunch of teens cause thousands of rands in damage. The only way out? Win a battle of the band contest. But with these players, it won’t be easy… Watch it now »

Klein Kroontjies S1

Image: Monarchy TV

The best writers, singers, songwriters and artists in the country have come together to create stimulating edutainment for kids under four. Featuring Anna Davel, Jak de Priester, Chris Chameleon, Lloyd Cele and more. Watch it now »

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