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From stand-up comedy specials to brand-new, exclusive movies, here are all the recently added titles available for streaming on Showmax.

International series

Snatch S1-2

Young hustlers discover a cache of stolen gold. Loosely based on the cult-classic movie, they can be rich, but need to stay one step ahead if they don’t want to end up on the wrong side of London’s underworld. Watch now »

The Good Doctor S1

Shaun is a brilliant surgeon, yet his autism makes it hard to build personal connections. Giving up the calm of the countryside for a busy city hospital, can his brilliance make up for his social problems in this medical drama? Watch now »

International movies

Ingrid Goes West | First on Showmax

Ingrid Goes West 2 on Showmax
Image: NBC

Ingrid’s life is in a rut and all she cares about is following Instagram celebs. So she moves to LA and befriends one of these stars – even if it means lying, cheating and much worse. But her newfound buddy is not much better. Starring Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen. Watch now »

Tango One | First on Showmax

Tango One on Showmax
Image: NBC

Enjoying the spoils of his job, a hardened criminal wakes up to discover someone is destroying his wealth, network and world. But they should have chosen a softer target as he goes underground and prepares for revenge… Watch now »

Room (available until 31 January)

Room is on Showmax

Jack and his Ma live in Room, and there’s no way out. Jack doesn’t mind – it’s all he’s ever known. But after they escape, Jack has to share Ma with the whole world, which is a big and scary and wonderful place. Watch now »

Solace (available until 31 January)

Solace on Showmax

Anthony Hopkins stars as a reclusive doctor with physic abilities who comes out of retirement to help an FBI Special Agent track down a violent killer. Watch now »

Julieta (available until 31 January)

Julieta is on Showmax

A woman finds out that her daughter who went missing years ago is alive. The discovery sparks a heartbreaking reflection on her life. Based on Nobel Prize-winning author Alice Munro’s short stories and directed by Pedro Almodóvar. Watch now »

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie

Spongebob Squarepants Movie on Showmax
Image: Paramount

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob and his loony friend Patrick, out on their first movie adventure to clear their boss’s name. But nothing stays simple with these two around! Watch now »

Knocked Up

Knocked Up on Showmax
Image: NBC

Ben is a slacker, living off a court settlement. During a drunken night out, he meets Alison, who is way out of his league. They sleep together and fall pregnant – and that’s where the fun starts in this hilarious stoner comedy. Watch now »


Ray Wood Junior: Father Figure

Ray Wood Junior on Showmax
Image: Viacom

Roy Wood Junior takes his comedic wit to a new level in this stand-up special, where he tackles everything from freeway protests to racist flags, to the origin of blues music. Watch now »

Natasha Leggero: Live at Bimbo’s

Natasha Leggero on Showmax
Image: Viacom

Natasha Leggero sounds off on everything from conservative Republicans to Burning Man, voicing her provocative opinions on hipsters, Mormons and judgey moms. Watch now »

Beta Male: Kumail Nanjiani

Beta Male on Showmax
Image: Viacom

There are many things that terrify stand-up comic Kumail Nanijani, so what better place to discuss them than in a hour-long comedy special? Forget your worries and laugh at this comedian complaining about his strange hangups. Watch now »

Kids’ shows

Spy School S1

Spy School on Showmax
Image: Zodiak Kids

The evil mastermind Goldfist is up to no good, so it’s time to train spies in this exciting game show. Teams of kids must solve clues, crack codes and overcome obstacles to be the best and save us all from evil. Watch now »

Power Battle Watch Car S1

Power Battle Watch Car on Showmax
Image: IMIRA

The Battle League is the toughest competition out there, but Jino and his Watch Car, Bluewill, are ready for it! Good thing too, because there is a dark force that will destroy them all if they don’t stop it. Watch now »

South African additions

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

This four-part miniseries, featuring the stars of the feature film, tells the Madiba story in more detail – from his childhood to becoming President of a democratic South Africa. It’s an inspirational story of struggle and hope. Watch now »

Wolf Wolf: Hoe Laat Is Dit?

Wolf Wolf on Showmax
Image: Aimeev Film

In this romance, Adriana is thrown together with her estranged husband’s cousin. Sparks fly – but then a journalist arrives at their holiday farm, and claims the cousin is not who he seems to be. Watch now »


Oorgang is on Showmax

Obsessed with the past, a man tries to find a way to revisit his memories. He makes a scientific breakthrough that will let that happen, but things don’t work out as expected in this gripping thriller. Watch now »

Oppiestoep S2

Oppiestoep on Showmax
Image: kykNET

Who doesn’t love a good yarn? Join Andries Vermeulen and Pietman Geldenhuys as they host some of SA’s funniest storytellers and most talented musicians for an evening you won’t forget. Watch now »

Getroud Met Rugby: Die Sepie S2

Getroud Met Rugby Die Sepie on Showmax
Image: kykNET

The popular series-turned-soapie is back for more battles on and off the rugby field. From new babies to new books, everyone is trying to win and some will pay any price to make that happen… Watch now »

Eldorado Park

Eldorado Park on Showmax

Life is tough in the township of Eldorado Park, but that’s everyday reality for these four friends. Stuck with a present that looks a lot like the past, can they make it in this touching and harrowing South African drama? Watch now »


Noma on Showmax
Image: Everywhere Films

An ambitious career woman is found dead on her wedding anniversary and the cops believe her husband did it. But is he really the culprit in this intense and gripping murder mystery? Watch now »

Die Rebellie van Lafras Verwey

Die Rebellie van Lafras Verwey

Sometimes you don’t know people as well as you think… At face value Lafras Verwey looks like a boring clerk who has worked for the state for decades. But he is actually a spy, moving parcels for a secret organisation. Watch now »

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