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Need something new to watch that you’ve never seen before? Then we’ve got you. Siren is something you definiteliy should be watching and you can only find it on Showmax. Take a look at everything else that just dropped this week.

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Series Additions

Siren S1 – First on Showmax

A new girl in town reminds people of local mermaid legends. But there really is something going on in the sea in this thrilling new series, first on Showmax. Watch it now »


Image: BBC

What’s the real story behind Guy Fawkes day? This gripping new three-part series with a star-studded cast uncovers the gritty, violent and steamy truth. Watch it now »

Movie Additions

Despicable Me (NBC) – LP Start 1 Jul

Image: NBC

Gru is super-wicked and a great villain – complete with an army of minions. Then three orphans show up on his door and delay his plans for world domination. Watch it now »

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Image: Times Media

Changez Khan is a rising Wall Street star. But while on holiday in the Philippines, the Twin Towers fall during the 9/11 attacks, changing his life forever in this thriller. Watch it now »

Chasing Mavericks

Image: Times Media

A surfing prodigy sets out to conquer a massive legendary wave and he enlists a local surfing legend to help him take it on in this adrenaline-pumping movie. Watch it now »

Kids’ Shows

Dragons: Riders Of Berk S1 -2

Image: NBC

This spin-off of the beloved Dreamworks How to Train Your Dragon movie brings goofy viking teen Hiccup, his dragon Toothless and his tough friend Astrid back to our screens. Watch it now »

Life Hacks For Kids On The Road S1

Image: Awesomeness

Ever wanted your own snuggie? Gillian and Angeline create cool things that you can make at home, while also visiting fun and exciting places we all can learn from. Watch it now »

Top Chef Junior S1

Image: NBC

Twelve young chefs between the ages of nine and 14 compete for the top spot by cooking and serving the tastiest, most beautiful dishes to Curtis Stone and guest judges. Watch it now »

Documentaries & Sport

All for One – First on Showmax

Image: Gravitas

Greenedge was Australia’s first pro cycling team, but it wasn’t easy. Witness their amazing journey captured in over 4000 hours of footage and see how it changed the sport forever… Watch it now »

Wimbledon Official Film 2017

Image: Supersport

The official film for the 2017 Wimbledon Grand Slam. Watch it now »

Rodger Federer :8 Time Wimbledon Winner

Image: Supersport

A look back at Roger Federer’s record 8 Wimbledon titles. Different opponents. Different degrees of difficulty. Same old Federer. Watch it now »

South African Additions

Utatakho S1

Image: Mzansi

Whether it’s a father who refuses to acknowledge his child or a mother who wants to prove her child’s paternity, uTatakho is a show focused on resolving issues of paternity using DNA testing. Watch it now »

State of Violence

Image: Mzansi

A potent drama about a South African corporate leader whose past as a violent revolutionary comes back to threaten him. Watch it now »

Man On Ground

Image: Mzansi

Hakeem Kaekazim and local actor Fana Mokoena star in a drama about brotherhood. A man travels to South Africa in search of his brother who has mysteriously disappeared. Watch it now »

Elke Skewe Pot S1

Image: kykNET

There is a soulmate out there for everyone. Finding them is the job of these four women and their matchmaking agency in this hilarious comedy series. Watch it now »

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