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HBO’s latest hit series Succession has just come to Showmax and people are loving it! It’s a brutal, cut-throat show about a family’s business empire and the people in line to take it over it once the founder steps down. It’s a must-watch. Check out everything that has come to Showmax below.

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Series Additions

Succession | Exclusive to Showmax

Logan Roy has built a powerful company and must choose which of his children will take it over. But not everyone is happy with his plans… Watch it now »

Movie Additions

Man Down

Image: Times MediaGabriel is back from fighting in Afghanistan and now wants to find his estranged wife and child. But it brings up his own demons in this powerful and gritty drama. Watch it now »


Image: Miramax

A two-bit gangster has to kidnap someone for a mobster. When things go wrong, his boss puts another gangster on the case: the sexy Ricki, who distracts Gigli even more Watch it now »


Image: Paramount

A pet chameleon accidentally lands in a small frontier town and is mistaken for the sheriff. He takes on the role, but bites off way more than he can handle! Watch it now »

Kids’ Shows

Nina’s World S1


Nina and Star are always off on grand adventures, thanks to their vivid imaginations. They can go anywhere they dream of, while also celebrating family, diversity and wonder. Watch it now »

Peppa Pig Special: Around The World

Image: eOne

On the first day of the summer holidays, Peppa and her family get a much bigger adventure than they expected, thanks to Miss Rabbit and her plane. Watch it now »


The Red Pill

Image: Gravitas

A feminist filmmaker looks into the strange world of the Men’s Rights Movement and discovers far more than she bargained for in this captivating and provocative documentary. Watch it now »

South African Additions


Image: kykNET

Tess survives on the street, selling her body and popping pills. Then she falls pregnant and suddenly has to escape. But her past keeps coming back to haunt her… Watch it now »

Alles Wat Mal Is

Image: kykNET

Caught in middle age and a faltering marriage, a woman feels like her life’s over. Then her alter ego appears and starts stirring things up. Is she going mad? Watch it now »


Image: kykNET

Don may have just met the girl of his dreams. But is her family ready for his strange ways, not to mention his weird family? Don’t miss this hilarious comedy. Watch it now »

Man Soos My Pa

Image: kykNET

Following his dying mother’s wish, a man reaches out to his estranged alcoholic father. But it’s not an easy journey in this deep and stirring drama. Watch it now »

Lien Se Lankstaanskoene

Image: kykNET

With an alcoholic mother who can’t support them anymore, a schoolgirl secretly starts begging on the street in this moving adaptation of the popular novel. Watch it now »

Eoan: Ode Aan Die Opera-Era

Image: kykNET

The Eoan Group is one of South Africa’s oldest theatre companies and has a rich activism history. This amazing documentary revisits it with archive footage, interviews and heavenly music. Watch it now »

Mma Moeketsi

Image: Mzansi

This brave short film cuts to the heartache of the Marikana massacre. When Mma Moeketsi stops hearing from her son mining illegally at Marikana, she fears the worst… Watch it now »

Little One

Image: Mzansi

Pauline’s life changed forever when she saves the life of a little girl. But can she protect her from the domestic violence that nearly killed the child? Watch it now »

U-Carmen Ekhayelitsha

Image: Mzansi

The renowned opera gets a South African reboot as it heads to Khayelitsha, where a ruthless woman named Carmen always gets her way with little care about the consequences. Watch it now »

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