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You won’t need to go out this weekend because we’ve got a bunch of great movies and series that have been added like Walking with Dinosaurs, Veep S4, Tarantino’s From Dusk Till Dawn and a whole lot more. Check out the full list of series, movies, kids’ shows and documentaries that came to Showmax this week.

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Series Additions

Veep S4-6

Selina’s unexpected jump to President sounds great, but can her and her staff even get the first speech right?! The circus adds a few rings in these hilarious new seasons. Watch now »

Teen Wolf S1-6

Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) is no ordinary teenager. After being bitten by a werewolf, his life is transformed when he discovers he has super-human strength. Watch now »

Incorporated S1 

In a near future, where corporations have absolute power, one man must risk everything and go undercover to save his wife. Don’t miss this epic thriller, produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Watch now »

Angel From Hell S1

Image: CBS

She’s drunk. She’s crazy. She’s a total pain in the butt. But as much as this annoys the focused and driven Alison, this strange woman might be her guardian angel. Watch now »

Movie Additions

Walking With Dinosaurs

Walking with Dinosaurs is first and only on Showmax
Image: Times Media

They may have died millions of years ago, but this amazing movie uses the latest technology to bring the giants of the past right back among us. Watch now »

A Better Life

Image: Times Media

When his truck is stolen, an illegal immigrant can’t turn to the cops. Instead he and his estranged son go looking for it, and find each other. Watch now »

A Bigger Splash

Image: Times Media

Things get complicated for a rock star and her boyfriend when an old flame arrives, complete with memories and a hot daughter. Soon things get dangerous in this sexy thriller. Watch now »

From Dusk Till Dawn

Image: Miramax

Two outlaw brothers think they’re safe when they reach the safety of a remote strip club. But the horrors that wait inside are much more dangerous in this ultra-violent classic. Watch now »

In Too Deep

Image: Miramax

Jeffrey is an undercover cop, aiming to take down the biggest drug dealer in the city. But he’s pretty good at being a gangster and takes a liking to it… Watch now »

Little Accidents

Image: Times Media

Still reeling from a mining disaster, a town has to find a missing teenager. But this reveals dark secrets in this tense thriller about lies and deception. Watch now »

The Homesman

Image: Times Media

Transporting three women to a hospital, driven mad by the frontier, a nurse enlists the help of a rugged roamer in this brilliant and gritty Western. Watch now »

Arthur & The Revenge Of Maltazard

Arthur on Showmax
Image: Times Media

Arthur rushes to the side of Princess Selenia, but soon discovers Emperor Maltazard’s plot to capture him. Can Arthur evade his clutches in this fun-filled family animated adventure? Watch now »

Arthur & The War Of Two Worlds

Image: Times Media

The evil Maltazard has figured out how to shrink Arthur and thinks that takes care of his nemesis. But no matter how tiny, Arthur is ready to fight. Watch now »

Tears Of The Sun

Image: Miramax

A group of elite soldiers are sent to rescue an American citizen. But when she refuses to leave her patients behind, they end up fighting for a much greater cause. Watch now »

Kids’ Shows

The Revolting World of Stanley Brown S1

Image: Fremantle Kids

Stanley Brown isn’t your normal kid. For one, he’s friends with Archie, a strange time-traveller who constantly drags him on adventures into the past and future in this teen sitcom. Watch now »


This Is Life with Lisa Ling S1-2

Image: Fremantle

From ranchers to secret addicts, award-winning journalist and author Lisa Ling profiles unconventional lifestyles, their people and the risks they have to take to be happy. Watch now »

African Additions

KooKoo Inn S1

KooKoo Inn is a workplace comedy that centres around a chicken and chips eatery where the employees deal with their new crazy owner and messy personal lives.  Watch now »

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