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Another weekend coming up, and that means more time for watching some new shows.

There are loads of great series coming in April.

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Series Additions

Animals S1 (HBO)

Image: HBO

Animals have it tough, especially in New York City. Don’t miss this excellent animated adult comedy series, starring a cast of animals and their very city-centric problems… Watch it now »

Top of the Lake S2 (BBC)

Top of the Lake Seasons 1 and 2 are on Showmax
Image: BBC

Robin moves to Sydney, hoping to get away from the violence of her previous case. But things take a nasty twist with a grim suitcase washing up on the shore. Watch it now »

Movie Additions

Big Miracle

Image: NBC

When a group of whales are trapped in icy waters, a local journalist takes action to help and save them in this excellent and thrilling story for the whole family. Watch it now »

Kung Fu Panda

Image: Paramount

Go back to the animated masterpiece with Po, the big panda with an even bigger dream: to be a kung fu legend! Then a prophecy picks him as the one… Watch it now »

Over The Hedge

Image: Paramount

Rising from their hibernation, a gang of woodland creatures find that humans have moved in! Luckily a wily raccoon is there to show them the ropes in this family animation. Watch it now »

The Pink Panther

Image: MGM

Steve Martin brings the bumbling Inspector Clouseau to life in this side-splitting comedy about a missing diamond, a murder conspiracy and the world’s most accidentally dangerous man. Watch it now »

The Pink Panther 2

Image: MGM

A valuable treasure trove is stolen and only one man can track it down… Better hope he doesn’t destroy everything before the job is done in this hilarious sequel. Watch it now »

Flushed Away

Image: Paramount

A pampered pet rat lands in the sewer, but a scavenger helps him get back to his life of luxury in this animated adventure starring Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet. Watch it now »

Shark Tale

Image: Paramount

Oscar is a small fish in a big pond – until he claims to kill a local mob shark! He gets all the fame, but the shark’s gang wants revenge… Watch it now »



Planet Earth S2 (BBC)

Planet Earth II on Showmax
Image: BBC

The incredible award-winning documentary is back, again taking us closer to nature than ever before. From a lizard escaping a sea of snakes to dancing bears, it’s truly awe-inspiring. Watch it now »

Kids’ Shows

Angry Birds Blues S1

Image: CAKE

The blues just want to relax, but that isn’t gonna happen with the hatchlings around. Enjoy the ridiculous adventures of these birds as they try to ruffle each others’ feathers! Watch it now »

Wizards vs. Aliens S1-3

Image: Fremantle

Tom is a teenager with a secret: he comes from a family of wizards. When aliens try to invade Earth, he teams up with scientific genius Benny to fight back. Watch it now »

Ready Jet Go! S2

Image: CAKE

Sean and Sydney are two regular kids, until they befriend the new kid, Jet Propulsion, who happens to be an alien! Soon they’re flying all over the solar system. Watch it now »

African Additions

Our Perfect Wedding 

Image: AFL

Our Perfect Wedding documents the preparations of couples as they attempt to pull off the perfect weddingWatch it now »

Neophobia (Short film)

Image: AFL

This modern fairytale sees a young woman, obsessed with routine, finding an unexpected appreciation for a hair dryer and is forced to completely rethink her life. Watch it now »

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