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Thrilling series, fun family movies and a terrifying documentary – Showmax has all your entertainment needs, wishes and cravings covered this weekend.

International series

Condor, S1

Max Irons and William Hurt star in this highly rated spy thriller. When a young, idealistic analyst joins the CIA he stumbles upon a plan that could put the lives of millions at risk, and he’s forced on the run. New episodes arrive every week. Watch now »

HBO’s Westworld, S2

Starting right after the bloody climax of the first season, the survivors of the Westworld massacre fight for survival! But the androids are now realising that things are not as simple as they thought in this brilliant new season. Watch now »

Criminal Minds, S1-12

They are elite investigators, hunting down the most dangerous and predatory of criminals. Now enjoy this award-winning crime-forensics series from the start, with all the grisly twists and turns that made it a worldwide success! Watch now »

Shut Eye

What happens when a con man gets a conscience? Charlie has been pretending to be a psychic when a blow to the head changes his mind – literally! Alas, that might be a problem with his shady boss in this excellent thriller… Watch now »

See the full list of series added in October here.

International movies

World War Z

World War Z is on Showmax
Image: Paramount

Gerry was just trying to get his family home when a zombie outbreak turns things upside down. Now he has to find the source of the infection in this non-stop thrill ride starring Brad Pitt. Watch now »


Paranorman is on Showmax
Image: NBC

He can talk to the dead and even prefers their company, so everyone thinks Norman is just a weirdo! Then when an ancient curse comes true, he’s the only one who can save the town in the fantastic, fun-filled animated adventure! Watch now »

Dr Seuss’s The Lorax

Dr Seuss's The Lorax is on Showmax
Image: NBC

In a town where there is no nature, Ted wants to woo the prettiest girl with a rare flower. But to get one, he needs to find the Lorax, a forest guardian who let greed take over in this modern retelling of the Dr Seuss classic. Watch now »


The vicious cannibal Hannibal Lecter is on the run and one of his victims wants to catch him. So they set up a trap, using the FBI agent Clarice Starling as bait in this edgy thriller that will keep you guessing… Watch now »

Red Dragon

Will Graham nearly lost his life capturing the dangerous Hannibal Lecter and left the FBI to forget. But a new serial killer forces him back to work – and back to talking to the man who very nearly had him for dinner. Watch now »

Dairy of a Mad Black Woman

Tyler Perry's Diary of a Mad Black Woman is on Showmax
Image: Lionsgate

Tyler Perry’s Madea returns as the grandmother of Helen, whose 18-year marriage suddenly ends when her husband Charles moves in with someone else. But he’s about to learn what happens when you cross a woman… Watch now »

Madea’s Family Reunion

Madea's Family Reunion is on Showmax
Image: Lionsgate

It’s time for her family to reunite, which won’t be easy for Madea in this family comedy drama. Suddenly in charge of a rebellious teenager and trying to help her nieces, can Madea keep her family together during the holidays? Watch now »

Documentary additions

HBO’s Beware the Slenderman

Beware the Slenderman is on Showmax
Image: HBO

Who is the Slenderman? This internet-created mythical creature may seem like a joke, but has led to terrible crimes, including the ritual murder of a teen by her friends. Learn more in this shocking, no-holds-barred documentary. Watch now »

Kids’ additions

Peppa Pig Special: Pumpkin Party

Peppa Pig Special: Pumpkin Party is on Showmax
Image: eOne Family

Come join Daddy Pig’s big Halloween party, where everyone is dressing up. Peppa is a witch, George is a dinosaur, Rebecca is a carrot…gone bad, Richard is a Frankencarrot, Pedro is a superhero and Danny is a werewolf. Watch now »

Kenyan additions

Varshita | New seasons

varshita on showmax

This fun romantic comedy stars Eve D’Souza and Maqbul Mohammed as a young couple from completely different backgrounds. Expect laughs and tears as two cultures collide. Watch now »

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