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Here are all the series, movies, documentaries and kids’ shows that were added to Showmax this week.

International series


Counterpart is on Showmax
Image: Sony

The mesmerising JK Simmons is Howard, a career agent who clocks in every day without much purpose. Then he meets his double, literally from a mirror reality, and becomes embroiled in a twisted plot of murder and mayhem. Watch now »

Black Sails, S3

Black Sails is on Showmax
Image: Starz

It’s all-out war between Flint and the world when he declines Captain Hornigold’s dubious pardons. As they prepare for the storm coming at them, other players in the Caribbean, including Blackbeard, are making their moves. Watch now »

Luther, S1-4

Luther s4 showmax
Image: BBC

Idris Elba is Luther, a brilliant but emotionally impulsive detective. He uses his skills to hunt down the worst among us, but that comes at the cost of his own stability in this excellent crime drama. Watch now »

Revelations, S1

Revelations is on Showmax
Image: MGM

The apocalypse is approaching, and a top scientist is one of the few to see the signs. As he tries to find a way to stop it, he meets a nun who is also concerned about the future. But can they avert the end of the world? Watch now »

For the full list of series that arrived in November, read this post:

17 new series on Showmax in November 2018

International movies

Berlin Syndrome | First on Showmax

Berlin Syndrome is first and only on Showmax
Image: NBC

Their affair seemed perfect for a holiday romance. But when a photojournalist wakes up in her lover’s apartment, she finds she can’t leave and is the centre of a very dangerous obsession … and nobody is coming to help. Watch now »

Nim’s Island

Nim's Island is on Showmax
Image: Lionsgate

She has written the world’s most loved adventure novels, but has never left her house! Then a fan on a distant secret island pleads for help, so Alex has to get out of her comfort zone and leap into a whirlwind adventure. Watch now »

School of Rock

School of Rock is on Showmax
Image: Paramount

Recently fired from his rock band, Dewey Finn takes a job as a 4th grade teacher at an uptight private school where his free-spirited attitude and shenanigans cause the students to discover other sides of themselves. Watch now »

Requiem for a Dream

Requiem for a Dream is on Showmax
Image: Lionsgate

The desperate fight for dreams and happiness goes into a downward spiral in this surreal cult masterpiece. Four people’s lives take very dramatic turns as they get hooked on powerful drugs and grow out of control… Watch now »

Safe House

Safe House is on Showmax
Image: NBC

Languishing as a CIA operative in Cape Town, Matt’s chance finally comes with a rogue agent arriving at his safe house. But they barely have time to prepare when mercenaries attack, out to kill the turncoat and whoever helps him. Watch now »


Alinea in Residence: Madrid | First on Showmax

Alinea in Residence is on Showmax
Image: Fremantle

Chef Grant Achatz is a world leader in gastronomy and his Michelin three-star restaurant Alinea is renowned for its quality. Join this culinary genius and experience the intensity as he opens a new restaurant in Spain. Watch now »

Mommy Dead & Dearest

Mommy Dead and Dearest is on Showmax
Image: HBO

When police found the body of a woman stabbed to death, they thought her disabled daughter was in danger. But as the truth surfaced, a twisted tale of abuse and mental instability would define this chilling murder. Watch now »

Kids’ additions

Barney & Friends, S12-14

Barney & Friends is on Showmax
Image: 9 Story

“Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination and when he’s tall, he’s what we call a dinosaur sensation!” The world’s favourite schoolyard friend makes learning fun, and teaches the value of love and compassion while he’s at it. Watch now »

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