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Here are all the movies, kids’ shows, series and documentaries added to Showmax this week.

International series

Power S4

Many of their enemies are vanquished and with an even larger drug operation than ever before, Ghost and Egan seem set. But it’s not long before the FBI move in, convinced Ghost killed one of their own in this heartstopping season. Watch now »

Being Mary Jane S4

It’s a new city for MJ as she moves from Atlanta to New York, leaving her past behind – but not the drama. New rivalries and suitors are everywhere – can she keep it together to get to the top? Watch now »

The White Princess

It’s 1485. England is in tatters and Elizabeth of York reluctantly marries the new king to promote peace. But she’s not about to fall in line behind the court’s power games, brought to life in this lavish and unabashed new series. Watch now »

For the full line-up of series that arrived in December, read this post.

International movies

The Holiday
Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz star in this cute comedy about two women who are fed up with their lives and decide to trade homes over Christmas for a change of scene. But they soon discover that they can’t outrun their problems. Watch now »

Pitch Perfect
Beca is more interested in pursuing her dream of becoming a music producer than making the most of her time at college. But then she joins an a capella group that will change her life. Expect romance, drama, laughter and big hits. Watch now »

Tower Heist
Josh works hard every day to serve the tenants of a luxury hotel in New York. But when one of them steals billions, including Josh and his co-workers’ retirement fund, he hatches a daring scheme to get all the cash back. Watch now »

Bridge to Terabithia
Jesse’s life changes forever when he meets Leslie, his neighbour. She’s a lonely outsider, just like him, and together they create the magical world of Terabithia, where they can escape from their real lives. Watch now »

City of Ember
The city of Ember survives underground on a massive generator that nobody knows how to fix. When it breaks down, only two teenagers are brave enough to step beyond the city and find out the truth about their world. Watch now »

Documentary additions

Fursonas is on Showmax
Image: Gravitas

Controversial, loathed and even seen as dangerous, many people recoil in confusion when they hear of furries. But what is this subculture really about? Delve into the topic that has a surprising amount of heart. Watch now »

The Zeitgeist Collection
Provocative, mind-bending, even dangerous: this is how some have described this eye-opening documentary collection. Is the world at the edge of disaster? And can we change our course? Zeitgeist dares to ask. Watch now »

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The Powerpuff Girls is on Showmax
Image: Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network Collection
From Jake and Finn to the Powerpuff Girls, Cartoon Network has brought us some of the greatest shows of modern times. Enjoy their best now in this special collection. Watch now »

Boomerang Collection
From classic cartoon characters to brand-new stars, Boomerang is the place for laughter and adventure. Now enjoy the best of its shows in this collection. Watch now »

LEGO Disney’s Frozen: Northern Lights
The northern lights haven’t arrived when they should, so Elsa, Anna and the gang go to find them. Disney’s magic snowy fairytale blends with Lego animation to create a special adventure with everyone’s favourite royal sisters. Watch now »

Peppa Pig: Christmas Party
It’s Christmas in the Pig household and everyone is invited for a great big party! Who will show up and what gifts will they bring? And is there a chance we’ll see Santa Claus himself? Watch now »

Disney’s Star vs The Forces of Evil
Star Butterfly is a magical princess living in hiding as a foreign exchange student on Earth. Star and her friend Marco form a brave duo who must deal with normal school life and battle the evil villain Ludo. Watch now »

Disney’s Tangled
Destined to be the ruler of Corona, Rapunzel realises she has to learn a lot more about the world. Luckily Eugene, Pascal and Maximus are ready for the adventures. But so is the hair… Watch now »

Garfield in Paradise
Garfield, Jon and Odie go on a tropical vacation and rent a mysterious car. But this car has an interesting secret and when a wayward trip takes them deep into the jungle, our heroes are in for a big adventure! Watch now »

A Garfield Christmas Special
Garfield has to survive a Christmas on the farm with Jon’s family. And everyone on the farm wants to be active! Fortunately there are plenty of naps and good food to help him cope. Watch now »

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