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Cancel your weekend plans and get ready to binge on a new Showmax Original – Tali’s Wedding Diary.

You can also catch every episode of Mr Robot S3 First and Only on Showmax. We’ve added loads of amazing series, movies, kids’ shows and documentaries this week – check out the full list below!

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New Showmax Original

Tali’s Wedding Diary

From the creators of SuzelleDIY comes a hilarious new mockumentary starring Julia Anastasopoulos as Tali, a Joburg princess who moves to Cape Town – and she’s getting married! Watch now »

Series Additions

Grey’s Anatomy S1 – 12

Start at the beginning as Dr. Meredith Grey joins a top Seattle hospital. She’s there to save lives, but is she ready for the changes in her own life? Watch now »

Emerald City S1

Enter the land of Oz as you’ve never seen before. Dorothy is transported to the realm ruled by the Wizard, but her arrival heralds the beginning of a dark prophecy… Watch now »

Billions S2

Revenge may be on the backburner as Bobby and Chuck try to fix their empires, but the two arch-enemies can’t resist each other’s destruction in this new nail-biting season. Watch now »

Power S3

Ghost has finally left the drug game, but as he expands his nightclub empire, it’s clear the game isn’t finished with him in this gripping new season. Watch now »

Mr Robot S3 First and Only on Showmax

Things are ready to explode as Phase 2 closes in, Elliot’s multiple personalities grow stronger and nobody can trust anyone in this brilliant cat and mouse game. Watch now »

Movie Additions


Hercules on Showmax
Hercules is coming to Showmax. Image: MGM

Dwayne Johnson steps into the sandals of the greatest hero of them all, the mighty Hercules. Yet while he fights for humans, the gods have other plans. Watch now »


Doom on Showmax
Image: NBC

Things have gone very wrong at a military science base on Mars and the marines go in to deal with it. What awaits them is beyond their worst nightmares… Watch now »

Couples Retreat

Couples Retreat on Showmax
Image: NBC

They were hoping for a cheap tropical getaway, but when a bunch of friends have to attend mandatory couple’s counselling at the resort, all kinds of strange things start happening. Watch now »

Kids’ Shows

Barbie In The Princess And The Popstar

Barbie in The Princess and The Popstar on Showmax

Princess Tory wants to perform. Pop superstar Keira wants a break from her schedule. They can magically swap places, so they go for it. But the grass isn’t always greener… Watch now »

Barbie Island Princess

Barbie Island Princess on Showmax

Surviving a shipwreck, Ro grows up on a deserted island with the help of her animal friends. Then a surprise arrival leads them on an adventure to save the kingdom. Watch now »

LEGO Marvel Superheroes: Avengers Reassembled

LEGO Marvel Superheroes: Avengers Reassembled on Showmax
Image: LEGO

The Avengers have no time to lose after Ultron takes control of Iron Man’s suit. Can they save him and stop Ultron’s plan to take over the world? Watch now »

LEGO Friends of Heartlake City S1 – 6

LEGO FRIENDS of Heartlake City on Showmax
Image: LEGO

Olivia is new to Heartlake City and wishes she was somewhere else. Little does she know of the wonderful adventures awaiting her once she meets Emma, Stephanie, Andrea and Mia. Watch now »

Timmy’s Christmas Surprise

Timmy’s Christmas Surprise on Showmax

Join Aardman’s Timmy and his friends in this holiday special. When they get snowed in at the nursery on Christmas Eve, they decide to create their own Christmas right there. Watch now »

Documentary Additions

Attenborough & Giant Dinosaur

Attenborough & Giant Dinosaur (BBC) 
Image: BBC

Follow Sir David Attenborough to where the bones of the largest animal to ever walk the planet are being uncovered. This amazing documentary puts you right alongside these magnificent dinosaurs. Watch now »

The Best Of Top Gear

Top Gear on Showmax
Image: BBC

When Top Gear was relaunched in 2002, nobody expected what a behemoth it would become. Go back to the early days and experience all the drama, madness and power again. Watch now »

Top Gear Series 9 – 12

Top Gear on Showmax
Image: BBC

From jalopies to building your own limo, Jeremy, James and Richard are back with their crazy antics and you’re invited to go along for the ride! Watch now »

Top Gear Specials

Top Gear on Showmax
Image: BBC

While suburbanites worry when their SUVs get too close to the pavement, the Top Gear team buy used cars and try to drive them across the Kalahari desert. Madness! Watch now »

African Additions


Rebecca on Showmax
Image: AFL

Lost in the middle of a deserted road, a city guy gets a rude awakening when he realises that his only companion, a timid-looking country girl, is anything but ordinary. Watch now »

Wonderboy For President movie

A charming young man from the Eastern Cape is convinced to run for president by two dodgy characters. And when politics is involved, a scandal isn’t far behind. Watch now »

Grey Dawn

Grey Dawn on Showmax
Image: AFL

The Minister has two choices. Abuse his power to keep his father-in-law out of prison, or let the law run its course.  Whatever the choice, it will cause him more harm than good. Watch now »

Wives on Strike

Wives on Strike on Showmax
Image: AFL

Mama Ngozi, Madame 12:30 and friends come up with a stirring strategy to help Mama Amina protect “their” child in this hilarious movie about girl power. Watch now »

Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Knocking on Heavens Door on Showmax
Image: AFL

A perfect marriage’s cracks start to show when a dark secret from the past emerges. Watch now »

Sunrise S1 

Sunrise on Showmax
Image: AFL

When Soni returns home from abroad, everything has changed at the estate. She quickly realises she’s trapped like so many others in Sunrise. Watch now »

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