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The explosive series, movies, documentaries and Kenyan content that arrived on Showmax this week will keep you glued to your couch all weekend. (That, and also the fact that you’ve probably already blown your January entertainment budget. Don’t worry. Showmax is here for you.)

International series

Fargo, Season 3

Fargo Season 3 on Showmax
Image: MGM

Fargo returns with a new saga of crime, passion and murder. Ewan McGregor stars in this tale about a plan so good, it can’t go wrong. Or can it? Watch now »

Call the Midwife, Seasons 4-6

Call the Midwife on Showmax
Image: BBC

It’s the 1960s and change is in the air. As a new decade dawns in London’s East End, are the nuns and midwives of Nonnatus House ready? Watch now »

Star-Crossed, Season 1

Star-Crossed on Showmax
Image: CBS

Can love survive prejudice? In this groundbreaking sci-fi show, a human girl and alien boy must stand against their people’s anger, or risk losing each other. Watch now »

Odd Mom Out, Season 2

Odd Mom Out S2 on Showmax
Image: NBC

Jill tries to get back into the magazine business, which should be a cakewalk compared to family, Hamilton theatre tickets and the world’s worst neighbours. Watch now »

International movies

Black Hawk Down

Black Hawk Down on Showmax
Image: Miramax

In 1993, US soldiers went into Mogadishu to capture a warlord. Then a black hawk helicopter is shot down, starting a battle that will forever be remembered. Watch now »

Kids’ additions

Mr Bean, Season 2 – new episodes

Mr Bean S2 on Showmax
Image: Endemol

Nobody is safe as Mr Bean returns for more animated mayhem. No matter if it’s a toothache, getting a haircut or car trouble, Mr Bean always ends up in a hilarious disaster situation. Watch now »

Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet

The Prophet on Showmax
Image: Videovision

Don’t miss this incredible and mesmerising animated artwork which tells touching tales about love, life, good and evil, starring Liam Neeson and Salma Hayek. Watch now »

Non-fiction additions

Planet Earth, Season 1

Planet Earth on Showmax
Planet Earth on Showmax. Image: BBC

Enter the amazing natural world in this award-winning series of nature documentaries. From unbelievable footage to never-seen-before animals, this is the one nature series you can’t miss. Watch now »

African additions

Nyumba 10, Seasons 1-2

Nyumba 10 on Showmax

Get ready for drama and comedy every day between the neighbours living in a working-class estate in this explosive series. Watch now »

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