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This is how you reveal a secret these days – in front of an audience. We must admit it takes a lot of courage to do something like that.

If you haven’t heard it already, BET reality show The Big Secret is streaming on Showmax this month. Why should you be excited about the news? Well, we’re glad you asked.

Khanyi Mbau is holding it down

The TV personality who’s been in the entertainment industry for more than a decade is the perfect host for the show. Khanyi has had her fair share of drama and criticism in the public eye and she has overcome it too. A lot of intimate details about her personal life have been splashed all over the tabloids, but she’s somehow managed to rise above it all.

The actress told The Sunday Independent in an interview about the show: “It has taught me that as South Africans, as much as we are free we have not been taught what to do with our freedom. We are a nation that fought for everything we have today.”

She explained that the secrets are a contribution to “our lack of understanding and self-love.”

“I feel like South Africa needs to have a different dialogue. Instead of fighting each other in terms of values and in terms of (our) standing in society, we need to fight for the values of self-love,” she told the publication.

Shocking details revealed

While some people would choose to share their private lives with their loved ones, others don’t mind doing it in front of thousands of viewers. On the show, you will see people revealing some of the most intimate details of their lives – whether it’s cheating, a gambling problem or exposing a double life, you will see it all on the show. One piece of advice; please don’t judge.

Everybody wins in the end

Not that there’s a prize to be won after people share their darkest secrets, but we sure know that it comes with a lot of relief. Have you ever kept something from someone for so long that it started affecting your life in a negative way? See? That’s exactly why the people on the show are doing this. It is for their own freedom and sanity.

In a statement, Khanyi explained that secrets trap people and stop them from progressing with their lives. We totally agree with her on this one. She added that the show is a platform for guests to free themselves emotionally.

Are you hiding anything from your loved ones? Would you ever be brave enough to go on national television to confess your biggest secret? Also, do you care what people will think of you afterwards? Watch as the guests on The Big Secret come clean to their families and family members right here on Showmax this month. Expect lots of shocking and entertaining moments.

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