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With King’s Landing in ruins, and Cersei Lannister no longer a threat, will Daenerys finally have a clear path to the Iron Throne? We’re not so sure…

What’s happening in the preview of the finale?

Warning: Here be spoilers. If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 5 on Showmax yet, now’s the time.

King’s Landing lies crumbling as Tyrion emerges from the ruin and rubble after the battle of the two queens. The Red Keep has been destroyed, the Unsullied stand proud and the Dothraki victorious, ready to watch their fair-haired leader ascend to the Iron Throne.

But Arya lurks hidden in the crowd of survivors. Will she allow Daenerys to assume rulership of the Seven Kingdoms? And what will Jon, the rightful ruler of Westeros, do, now that his beloved queen is showing signs of the famed Targaryen madness – or, depending on your take on the previous episode, now that she’s shown her true, ruthless, cold-blooded colours?

The only way to find out is by streaming the finale on Showmax on Monday, 20 May at 22:00.

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