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What is Tyrion seeing? What is Euron seeing? And what about Jon and Greyworm? Why do they all look so terrified? Cersei, of course, looks queenly and calm and cool and collected – she looks pleased, even.


What’s happening in episode 5?

WARNING: Some spoilers ahead!

If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 4 yet, go to Showmax to stream it right now.

After last episode’s devastating attack on Daenerys’s fleet, and on her beloved dragon Rhaegal, we are not convinced of their chances of success in King’s Landing.

And in the preview video, we can see that Tyrion is properly gobsmacked at every turn as the army of the North and what remains of Danaerys’s legions gather at the gates of King’s Landing.

But! There’s hope for the Daenerys and Jon’s troops – the only one who looks more astounded is Euron, who is peering into the sky as if seeing… a dragon, of course.

The internet is rife with speculation that there may, in fact, be more than one dragon that Euron is seeing up high.

But how could that be?

And with only two episodes left, how will we ever get answers to all our questions?

Find out by streaming Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 5 on Showmax at 22:00 on Monday, 13 May.

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