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HBO topped the charts with the number of Emmy nominations for any network this year, with a total of a whopping 111. The good news for Showmax subscribers is that we’ve got a whole host of the nominated shows in our line-up.

  • Westworld, which was nominated for the most awards this year, with a bumper crop of 22 nods!
  • The Night Of, coming on Monday, 17 July (nominated for 13 Emmys)
  • Veep (nominated for 17 Emmys this year, and winner of 12 in previous years)
  • Girls (nominated for a total of 15 Emmys over the years, and winner of two)
  • Fargo (winner of 5 Emmys and too many nominations over the years to count – including a massive 16 this year)
  • Big Little Lies, which is due to hit Showmax in September this year, and garnered 16 Emmy nominations in 2017)
  • Silicon Valley (nominated for 10 Emmys this year and two-time Emmy winner)

These and more award-winning titles all live in the Best of HBO boxset on Showmax.

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