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DStv Premium subscribers now get Showmax at no added cost and get the full benefits of Showmax.

Showmax is an internet TV service that is accessible on internet-connected devices like tablets, laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, media players and smart TVs. For DStv customers, it’s also available on connected DStv Exploras.

Showmax is a whole new way of watching TV. It’s not a channel on DStv, it’s a library of the best series, movies and kids’ shows accessible online, any time. Watch what you want, when you want to. No ads and no interruptions.

5 things you need to know about Showmax

  1. Watch Showmax on your phone or tablet

    Download the Showmax app for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets to watch on the move. Heading to the shops with little ones in tow? About to hop on a plane with toddlers? Select shows for the kids using the Kids Profile feature and enjoy a few precious whine-free moments while they watch shows like Dora the Explora, Paw Patrol, Terrific Trucks, Wellie Wishers, Barbie Dreamtopia, and a whole range of Marvel animated superhero series.

    Combat your boredom when stuck in the doctor’s waiting room by watching addictive series – with the best of HBO, from Game of Thrones to Girls and Emmy darling Big Little Lies – or binge on old favourites like all episodes of Friends.

  2. Download 25 shows to watch offline on smartphones and tablets

    Download up to 25 series episodes or movies and watch later – no internet needed. Save data by downloading on Wi-Fi at home or find a VAST Wi-Fi hotspot at a mall near you for free Showmax data.

  3. Manage data usage easily

    Use Showmax’s bandwidth capping function to cap data usage while streaming or choose from different download file sizes.

  4. Watch two streams with one subscription simultaneously

    Want to catch up on Harlots, the hit series about rival brothels in the 18th-Century, but are worried about the kids walking in on a very child-unfriendly scene? Give them your tablet, select their profile and let them stream their favourite series – like Bubble Guppies or Dora and Friends  – while you catch up on the dirty dealings of Margaret Wells and her arch-nemesis Lydia Quigley. You’ll both be using your single Showmax subscription at exactly the same time.

  5. No smart TV? No problem. There are plenty of ways to get Showmax on your big-screen TV

    If you have a big-screen TV and a streaming media player, all you need is your phone or tablet, the latest version of the Showmax app, a Showmax subscription, and a Wi-Fi connection, and you’re good to go. Or simply get the app on your Xbox One or Sony PlayStation 4. Find out more about getting Showmax on your non-smart TV using Apple TV, Chromecast, PS4 and Xbox One here, and for other ways to get Showmax on your non-smart TV, read this.

Not signed up for Showmax yet, even though you’re a DStv Premium subscriber? Sign up and link your Showmax account to your DStv account. Here’s how.

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