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Whether you’re gearing up for that family getaway or basking on your binge-watching throne, you’ll need some awesome shows to watch when you got a couple of hours to kick back and relax.

And with the Showmax app on your phone or tablet you can download up to 25 shows to watch offline without using any of your data.  Which is perfect for those road trips, flights and holiday destinations that don’t have signal. Once you start watching a show you have 48 hours to finish watching before it automatically is deleted to save space on your device.

How to download movies and series with Showmax

  1. If you don’t already have a Showmax account, go to to sign up.
  2. Download the Showmax app on your smartphone or tablet for either iOS or Android.
  3. Open the Showmax app and choose the show or movie you want to watch offline.
  4. Click on the DOWNLOAD button, right next to the PLAY NOW button.
  5. You’ll get a menu with download quality options to choose from – Low Quality, Standard Quality, Good Quality and High Quality – depending on data capability or space on your device.
  6. Your download should start immediately. You are now free to enjoy your viewing offline once the download is complete.

Here are 10 series and movies guaranteed to keep you entertained through the holidays. (Some are for adults only.)

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1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine Nine on Showmax
Image: NBC

It’s law and disorder with comedy star Andy Samberg, who won a Golden Globe for his lead role in this hilarious police sitcom. Watch now »

2. The Hobbit Collection

The Hobbit Trilogy on Showmax
Image: MGM

In this stunning adventure trilogy, peace-loving Bilbo Baggins seeks to reclaim the Dwarven throne, fighting off fearsome monsters, dragons and orcs. Does he have a big enough heart to succeed? Watch now »

3. The Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory on Showmax
Image: Warner

Binge the show that made nerds cool from the very beginning! Join this group of geeky, comic-book reading, sci-fi watching guys as they learn about life – and love. Watch now »

4. The Blue Planet – A Natural History Of The Oceans

Blue Planet on Showmax
Image: BBC

A beautifully narrated, Emmy- and BAFTA-winning documentary series that delves into the mysterious behaviours of our ocean’s fauna. Watch now »

5. The Flash

The Flash on Showmax
Image: NBC

See the classic DC Comics story come to life! Barry is a troubled crime scene investigator who develops superhuman powers and resolves to keep his city safe from evil. Watch now »

6. Superstore

Superstore on Showmax
Image: NBC

Attention all Superstore fans! There’s a new season of the hilarious workplace comedy to enjoy as the motley crew of the Cloud 9 department store returns. Watch now »

For adults only (R18)

7. The Deuce

The Deuce on Showmax
Image: HBO

Enter New York City’s Times Square in the 1970s, a world of sex, dreams and danger in this brilliant new drama series featuring an amazing cast and jaw-dropping style. Watch now »

8. Harlots

Harlots_Season1, Episode 1, Photo credit: Liam Daniel/Monumental

First on Showmax – Sex, revenge and cunning are everywhere in this raunchy show about an 18th century London brothel owner raising her stunning daughters in a very seedy world. Watch now »

9. South Park

South Park on Showmax
Image: Viacom

Political correctness creeps into the town of South Park, turning everything on its head. But the kids are ready to fight back in this long-running and hilarious animated series. Watch now »

10. Taboo

Taboo on Showmax
Image NBC

First on Showmax! Brace yourself for a gritty, gruesome and irresistibly dark drama with an unbelievable performance by Tom Hardy. Watch now »

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