Younger S5 only on Showmax

Watch Younger S1-5 first and only on Showmax.

Siren only on Showmax

A new girl in town reminds people of local mermaid legends. But there really is something going on in the sea in this thrilling new series, first on Showmax.

Lockdown S1-2 on Showmax

Set in a women’s prison where power and survival mean everything, Lockdown will take you into the lives of the inmates as they battle demons that hold them prisoner in every sense of the word.

Gunpowder on Showmax

What's the real story behind Guy Fawkes day? This gripping new three-part series with a star-studded cast uncovers the gritty, violent and steamy truth.

Fast & Furious 5

Brian and Dom are on the run... One last job can set them up for life. But can they get away from a new elite federal agent closing in on them?

Fosters S5 only on Showmax

Will Callie finally be found innocent of last season's brutal murder? This is just the start of the final nail-biting season in this powerful drama, first on Showmax.

Series coming to Showmax in July

Here are all the series coming to Showmax in July.

Marvel's Cloak & Dagger

First and Only on Showmax, Weekly Express from the US - Tandy and Tyrone have two things in common: they're in love and they have superpowers.

Younger S5

The countdown has begun! The sexiest show you should be watching is back with season 5 coming first & only to Showmax on 2 July 2018. You won’t want to miss this!

Series coming to Showmax in June

We've got great shows coming like Marvel's Cloak & Dagger, You've Been T@gged, Freakish, The Crossing and Nobodies plus loads more.

You've Been T@gged

There is no escape in the connected world as four seemingly unrelated teenagers are targeted by an anonymous creep who stalks them with violent videos. Can they stop it?

Freakish S1

A chemical explosion in their town leaves a whole school isolated. Then the monsters arrive and they have to fight for survival in this exciting new thriller series.

Ballers S3

Spencer is ready to be a father. That's if he can find time while bringing professional American football to Las Vegas. At least he's got it easy compared to Charles.

Nobodies S1-2

Not famous? Then get a star to appear in your new script. But that's much easier said than done in this hilarious new comedy, produced by Melissa McCarthy.

Insecure S2

Issa is trying out new dates, yet longs for Lawrence, who is keeping things relaxed with a new fling. But the two aren't done yet in this sizzling season.

The Fosters S4

Callie starts digging deeper into a police case involving a teenager and discovers dark secrets about the case. Meanwhile Mike learns that fatherhood is not as simple as he'd thought...

Folk Hero & Funny Guy

A successful singer-songwriter hatches a plan to help his friend's struggling comedy career and broken love life by hiring him as his opening act on his solo tour.

The Comeback

B-grade actress Valerie (Lisa Kudrow) wants her spot in the limelight and will do whatever it takes to be a star again - and we're all going along for the ride.

Conor McGregor: Notorious | First on Showmax

Filmed over four years, this all-access documentary follows UFC fighter Conor McGregor’s journey from his mum’s spare room to claiming multiple championship titles.

Crossing The Line

Five weeks. Four tests. Two Nations. One hell of a story. SuperSport takes you behind the scenes of Australia's recent controversial tour of South Africa.

HBO's Strike Back

Section 20 is an elite group of terrorist hunters who track down the most dangerous people in the world to ensure global security.

The Crossing | First and Only on Showmax

Forty-seven refugees washing up alive on the shores of a small town isn't the strange part. What's strange is that they're running from the future.

When the Bough Breaks

This eye-opening documentary reveals the devastating impact of postpartum depression and psychosis, an issue that is seldom talked about, even though it affects one in five women.

Uncut, Uncensored Roast of Somizi

From the unexpected flames of Schalk Bezuidenhout, Joanne Joseph and Kurt Darren, to the big burns from Fikile Mbalula, Skhumba and DJ Fresh!

Marvel's Runaways

Evil has a new name… Mom & Dad! Watch all episodes of Marvel's Runaways. First & Only on Showmax.

Animals. S2

First on Showmax: the strange, neurotic, excitable and scary animals are back! If you think humans were weird, this crazy comedy series will have you thinking twice about your pets...

The Wire S1-5

Step into the streets of Baltimore, where gritty cops and clever drug dealers square off in this brilliant crime thriller where right and wrong is never black or white.

Stan Lee's Lucky Man

From the mind of comic book legend Stan Lee comes a bold new action crime series about a brilliant but flawed police officer with the power to control luck.

Bosch S4

Based on the best-selling novels by Michael Connelly, this crime thriller sees Detective Harry Bosch solving some harrowing murder cases.

Top of the Lake S2

Robin moves to Sydney, hoping to get away from the violence of her previous case. But things take a nasty twist with a grim suitcase washing up on the shore.


Honest. Heartbreaking. Hilarious. A dark comedy about being a single mom. SMILF, First and Only on Showmax.

Younger S1-S4

From the creators of Sex and the City comes a fresh new comedy - Younger!

Taboo S1

First on Showmax! Brace yourself for a gritty, gruesome and irresistibly dark drama with an unbelievable performance by Tom Hardy.

Channel Zero

Discover the strange town of Candle Cove, then visit the No-End House in this chilling horror anthology series.

Mr Robot S1-S3

The award-winning and highly original cyber thriller starring Rami Malek. Watch the latest season right now on Showmax.


Danger and seduction hide around every corner for the youngest Pharoah in history. Watch TUT on Showmax now!

Harlots S1

Sex, revenge and cunning are everywhere in this raunchy show about an 18th century London brothel owner raising her stunning daughters in a very seedy world.

The Young Pope S1

The church is afraid of him. The world loves him. Do you? Jude Law is The Young Pope. First and Only on Showmax

Kingdom S1-S3

This gripping MMA drama starring Nick Jonas sees a family of fighters struggling to keep their gym afloat.

Class S1

School is tough. Mix that with time travel and school gets weird! Explore the universe of Dr Who from the view of six students at a truly special academy.

Rectify S1-S4

After 19 years on Death Row, Daniel Holden is released due to new DNA evidence. He returns to his childhood home, struggling to adjust to life in this gripping drama.

Room 104

What really happens in airport motel rooms? Find out in this brilliant new series which goes behind the door of Room 104.