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Women’s Health in Gauteng

A baby’s head is decapitated during childbirth. A woman’s uterus is removed without her consent during a routine procedure. Negligence in obstetrics and gynaecology wards at Gauteng state hospitals has the Department of Health crippled by claims for damages. With new cases still emerging, Carte Blanche questions the province’s leaders on the state of maternal health. (Producer: Ntokozo Miya; Presenter: Claire Mawisa). Watch now »

Old Cell Rejuvenation

Do you fear the effects of getting old? Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are just some of the diseases associated with ageing but recent research shows that clearing ageing cells from the body can slow down or reverse these age-related conditions. Carte Blanche takes you inside the medical trials making this a reality. (Producer: Eugene Botha; Presenter: Devi Sankaree Govender). Watch now »

Ace Magashule and the Capture of the Free State

In an explosive new book investigative journalist Pieter-Louis Myburgh alleges that ANC Secretary General Ace Magashule bent, broke or bulldozed over clearly defined laws meant to ensure proper governance in the Free State during his time as Premier. But these revelations have not gone down well with Magashule, who has called it fake news, while the ANC has labelled the book a carefully planned Stratcom operation. Carte Blanche recaps the case of state capture in the Free State government. (Producer: Joy Summers; Presenter: Devi Sankaree Govender; Producer: Siniketiwe Hlanze). Watch now »

“The Lost Boys of Bird Island” – Fact or Fiction?

Promoted as an exposé of a paedophile ring in the former National Party and pointing fingers at high-level cabinet ministers that led to them being named and shamed in the media, “The Lost Boys of Bird Island” has given rise to police and other investigations in attempts to hold those responsible to account. Carte Blanche questions evidence that has emerged from investigations into the suicide of co-author Mark Minnie, weeks after the book was published, to determine how much of the book was fact, or fiction. (Producer: Liz Fish; Presenter: Derek Watts). Watch now »

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