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In The River last week, we saw how, just like that, Cobra’s life came to an end. Well, not that he’s dead or anything like that, but he’s looking at up to 25 years in prison for all those heists. The unfortunate thing in all of this is that he’s the only one who was arrested, while his partners in crime managed to get away.

Also, it’s even sadder that the moment he was caught by the police was all captured on live television for the whole nation to see, including his mother, siblings and fiancé. How embarrassing must it be watching the one you love being nabbed by the cops?

1Magic on Twitter

One last important call before fate takes its course. #TheRiver1Magic

A parent can only take so much, really. We cannot begin to imagine what Malefu is going through right now, especially after all those prayers she’s prayed on behalf of her son. The mother of three has made it clear that Cobra, although she obviously still loves him, is dead to her. We reckon that’s the anger speaking, and that she doesn’t really mean those words.

There’s a bright side to the whole situation. Tumi finally came back to her senses and decided to go back home. This happened as soon as she saw what happened to her brother and she thought it would be a good idea to go home and support her family. So, it took Cobra’s arrest for Tumi to realise how much her family needs her?

Anyway, one thing she must know is that her mother still hasn’t forgiven her.

1Magic on Twitter

No one said returning home would be a walk in the park for Tumi. Even Dimpho is giving her a hard time. #TheRiver1Magic

Remember when Malefu went to the Dikanas to try to convince Tumi to come back home? All those humiliating words Tumi said to her mother are not forgotten and it will take years for her to forgive her daughter. It’s understandable, though. It will take a while for this mother and daughter to work through their issues. Well, at least they’re living under the same roof now, which will hopefully make it easier to mend their broken relationship.

Malefu is not the only parent who’s seeing flames right now. Lindiwe is now getting her fair share of drama from one of her children.

Who knew that being disappointed by the love of his life would send Andile into a downward spiral? Since finding out about Njabulo’s new relationship, Andile has been living on the wild side of life.

1Magic on Twitter

Andile khuzeka #TheRiver1Magic

He has been drinking his sorrows away, and also sleeping around. Does that make sense? Will it heal the pain? We don’t think so. Lindiwe is obviously not impressed by her son’s behaviour.

There’s always action happening on The River and you don’t want to miss a single moment. Make sure that you keep up with all the drama right here on Showmax. New episodes of the show air 15 minutes after the DStv broadcast every weekday.

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