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Things are back to normal on The River now that our favourite villain, Lindiwe Dikana, is back in the picture. When we say “normal” we don’t mean that she’s back on top of her game, just that the former mining mogul is still up to no good, even though she’s down and out. While she’s trying to pick up the pieces of her life, her step-daughter, Nomonde is picking up where she left off. But things haven’t been easy for both women. Let’s get you up to speed on what happened on the show this past week.

Sparks fly between Nomonde and Lindani

There’s definitely something brewing between Nomonde and Lindani. Although this relationship got off on the wrong foot, it looks like these two are slowly starting to like each other. As you’ve seen on the past couple of episodes, Lindani has been working as Nomonde’s personal assistant. He’s been running her errands and even accompanying her to some of her business meetings. However, she hasn’t been the easiest person to work for and Lindani was starting to get annoyed. Before things could get out of hand, these two found themselves in an unexpected situation that forced them to get closer.

Two men disguised as security guards stormed into Nomonde’s office and demanded money from her and threatened to take her life. They didn’t manage to get the money or hurt Nomonde because Lindani saved the day.

1Magic on Twitter

What would Nomonde be without Lindani? #TheRiver1Magic

For this reason, Nomonde has been very nice to Lindani and she even bought him an expensive gift as an expression of her gratitude. They’ve been getting closer and it looks like sparks are already starting to fly. Will they take things to the next level? Only time will tell.

Lindiwe publicly humiliated

Everyone has been waiting for Lindiwe’s downfall. However, now that we’re witnessing it, it’s really not as entertaining as we thought it would be. Don’t get us wrong – we get that she has ruined a lot of people’s lives and deserves everything that’s happening to her right now. But we’re having a tough time seeing her being this powerless, broke and begging people for money. Did we mention that everyone in Refilwe now knows that she’s poor?

Her secret was exposed after Matilda spotted her on the streets and asked for her money back. They had an argument and Lindiwe refused to humble herself. That’s when Matilda lost her mind, grabbed Lindiwe’s bag and took all the money she had. The two women ended up fighting, which resulted in Lindiwe being humiliated in broad daylight.

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What was meant to be an attempt to get her money back, turns into a spectacle after Matilda humiliates Lindiwe for all of Refilwe to see 🙆‍♀️ #TheRiver1Magic

After that incident, Lindiwe felt embarrassed and it’s quite understandable. As if that wasn’t enough drama for her, Zolani threatened to leave because he’s tired of living like a poor person. But he regained his senses and decided to stay with his aunt. The only problem for them now is that they have no one else in their corner. Zweli and the kids want nothing to do with Lindiwe and her favourite minister has made it clear that she never wants to hear from her again.

And if you thought Tumi and Lindiwe would one day find a way to sort out their issues and build a mother-daughter relationship, you better think again. Lindiwe will never see Tumi as her child and the young woman just needs to accept that and move on with her life. She will also clearly never get an apology from her biological mother.

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Did Tumi really expect Lindiwe to put her needs before her own? #TheRiver1Magic

There’s really never a dull moment on The River, trust us. To make sure that you never miss the action, tune into the telenovela on Showmax. New episodes air 15 minutes after the DStv broadcast.

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