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It looks like the next instalment of The River is going to be on fire. That doesn’t come as a surprise, of course. From Lindiwe selling people’s dreams, to Tumi embarrassing her mother in front of other people, it all goes down on the show! Before you get excited about upcoming episodes, check out what happened last week.

More heartache for Malefu

Malefu is probably always asking herself what she ever did to deserve some of the things that she has experienced in her life. From losing a husband to raising children who often give her a hard time. If it’s not Cobra and his criminal ways, it’s Tumi and her stubbornness. You all remember that Tumi moved out, right? Well she’s now staying with the Dikana family and it looks like she’s having the time of her life.

1Magic on Twitter

Everyone in the Dikana family cannot take their fingers off the pots as Tumi impresses them with her beef stew and dumplings. #TheRiver1Magic

The only problem is that her family wants her to come back home. Malefu tried to get her daughter back by going to the Dikana home and begging her to come home. But she didn’t get the response she was hoping for. Tumi, who is usually very respectful, said some of the most hurtful things to her mother, in front of her “new family”. And she made it clear that she won’t be coming home as long as Cobra is still living there.

1Magic on Twitter

Hurt and feeling unappreciated, Tumi embarrasses her mother in front of the whole Dikana family. #TheRiver1Magic

So, what’s a mother supposed to do in such a situation? Well, we guess Malefu will pray some more. Who knows, maybe Tumi might finally come to her senses, pack her bags and move back home. Staying in Lindiwe Dikana’s house, the same woman she accused of murder, might not be in Tumi’s best interest.

Things are looking up for Cobra

They say every cloud has a silver lining. We’re sure Cobra can attest to this. The former jailbird, who’s been working hard to turn his life around, is finally getting the breakthrough he’s been so badly hoping for. The failed businessman is now an employed man and his family couldn’t be happier for him.

This is great news because his mother has been praying for a miracle, and this time around, her prayers have been answered. All thanks to the Dikana family, Cobra can finally make an honest living. We really hope this new job will keep him out of trouble.

Lindiwe is selling dreams

If you thought Lindiwe had some compassion for the poor, you better think again! The mining mogul has showed us that there’s nothing she won’t do to get her hands on money, even if it means destroying families in the process.

She landed on some very interesting information last week and, if all goes well, she could make more money in the diamond mining industry. However, for her to make this kind of money (and discover more diamonds), she will have to demolish people’s homes in Refilwe township.

1Magic on Twitter

Finish and klaar. #TheRiver1Magic

To make things worse, she has devised a plan to fool everyone into thinking that new houses will be built to replace the old ones. While everyone seems to have fallen for her plan, Walter is not convinced.

1Magic on Twitter

Lindiwe is ready to make her BIG announcement to the Refilwe community, but Walter already has his doubts. #TheRiver1Magic

Will Walter stand in the way of Lindiwe’s plans? Or will she take care of him? You need to stay glued to Showmax to see what happens next on this 1Magic telenovela. The show airs on Showmax 15 minutes after the DStv broadcast.

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