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No matter how much you love someone, when they tell you they don’t want you, you just need to listen and let them go. This is something that has taken Lindani on The River a long time to learn. However, we have a feeling that after he tried to stop Tumi’s wedding, and failed, he will finally understand that she wants nothing to do with him.

Lindani fails to stop Tumi’s wedding

After discovering that Zolani had helped Khabonina to lie about the paternity of her child, Lindani’s first thought was to rush to the wedding and tell Tumi the truth. If you recall, Tumi and Lindani were head over heels in love before that fake paternity test claimed that he had fathered Khabonina’s child.

Now that the secret was out, Lindani thought sharing it with Tumi would make her reconsider her decision to marry Zolani. When he got to the wedding venue, he caused a bit of drama, and told Tumi the truth.

1Magic on Twitter

Zolani pours his heart out to Tumi, promising her forever. Lindani just wants Tumi to know the truth. Should she continue with the wedding or call everything off? #TheRiver1Magic #ZiMoLove

However, Zolani denied the whole thing and made it seem as if Lindani was desperate to win Tumi back. Although she looked like she had her doubts at first, Tumi chose to believe her soon-to-be husband and told Lindani to leave the venue. She assured him that they would still remain good friends. Lindani walked away looking like a big loser and the wedding continued.

Will Tumi and Zolani live happily ever after?

We don’t know about you, but we’re under the impression that Tumi married the wrong man on Friday. You could see it in her eyes, there was a sense of sadness there. We guess she chose to listen to her head, instead of her heart.

She and Zolani said their “I dos” and everyone was happy about it.

1Magic on Twitter

Give it up for Mr & Mrs Dlamini #TheRiver1Magic #ZoMiLove

Both families celebrated and gave beautiful speeches dedicated to the newlyweds. Malefu thanked her daughter for making her proud. She also told Zolani that she was watching him, so he’d better not mess with her child. The proud mother also gave her daughter advice on how to make her marriage work.

While all seems well for now, we cannot help but wonder how long this marriage will last. Zolani is the same person who broke Tumi up with the love of her life (Lindani), and he is also partly responsible for her father’s death. Oh, and did we mention that he cheated on her a day before their wedding? We know he’s a smart man and has his aunt to help him when it comes to covering things up, but we’re not sure how long he’ll be able to keep all these dirty secrets from his wife.

Walter is back

You know things are about to get interesting when Walter shows up. After disappearing for a while, the people’s hero is back, and we couldn’t be happier. When he got back to Refilwe, he found a heartbroken Lindani drinking alone at his sister’s tavern. Lindani shared his heartbreak with Walter and to our surprise, Walter could relate to the sad story. He told Lindani that years ago, he was deeply in love with a woman. However, the woman ended up a good friend of his, who was also in love with the same woman.

When Zolani asked if they’re still happily married, Walter replied that his friend and the woman got married and even had children, but the man sadly passed away. Walter is still in love with this woman. The spark is still there.

1Magic on Twitter

Looks like Lindani sparked something in Walter #TheRiver1Magic

Is Walter talking about Malefu here? We’re dying to know.

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