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Last week’s episodes of The River were truly epic. From Zweli and Cobra chasing criminals, to Walter seeing Flora with different eyes, this telenovela has not been short of drama. In case you didn’t catch some of the episodes, we’ve got you covered.

Lindiwe and Harriet Khoza have a date

We were over the moon when we first heard that The Queen’s Harriet Khoza was coming to The River. This will probably be one of the best local TV crossovers we’ll see in a while. Imagine having Mzansi’s finest villains on one screen! Also, the fact that they’re old friends (on the show, at least), makes it even more interesting because it means they’re probably going to be working on some epic evil plan together.

On Friday, viewers watched as Lindiwe answered a call from Harriet. And, although she didn’t really know what Harriet wanted to meet about, she sure seemed like she was looking forward to the meeting.

1Magic on Twitter

When two queens collide the outcome is fiery and is sure not to be missed! #TheRiver1Magic and #TheQueenMzansi crossover starts tonight!

Is Walter falling for Flora?

Whoa! It looks like there could be something developing between Walter and Flora. For the longest time, Flora has had a crush on Walter, but she has never really had a chance to tell him. However, it looks like she won’t even have to do much of the work when it comes to making their romantic relationship a reality.

After only staying with Flora for a week, it seems like Walter is starting to have feelings for her. While she has been making sure that he’s nursed back to health, Flora hasn’t realised that at the same time, she has also been revealing a side of her that Walter didn’t know. This is the softer, caring, compassionate and loving side that Walter was previously not exposed to, and it’s making him appreciate her even more. There’s nothing we’d love more than seeing Flora happy. She lost her son at the beginning of the year, and she deserves to end 2018 on a good note.

1Magic on Twitter

He’s gone from not listening to a word Flora says to being impressed by her. #TheRiver1Magic

Cobra is a free man

There has been so much drama is Cobra’s life in the last couple of months – from that bakery store drama, to hijackings and those back-to-back heists, this man has truly seen it all.

However, it seemed like his life was taking a different direction after he found out that he won’t have to spend years in jail for his involvement in the heists. On Friday, Cobrizi was told that he has to serve a five-year suspended sentence, and that was all the news he needed in his life right now. To be honest, we think he deserves this breakthrough after proving that he’s no longer about that life of crime.

We watched with great respect as he helped Zweli Dikana solve one of the biggest crimes, which led to Goliath’s arrest.

Lindiwe is out for blood

Although she finally has her precious diamond, Lindiwe still wants Goliath to be killed. She believes that the man who almost ruined her life is still a threat to her and her family. And, she could be right because, although he was arrested, he managed to escape from prison.

This means he probably has another trick up his sleeve. While she’s made it her mission to end Goliath’s life, Lindiwe has at least forgiven her son, Andile, which is a great relief. Andile is now in a good space in his life and it’s good to see that his relationship with Njabulo has another chance to work.

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