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How does it feel like to know that Sheree is finally gone? We’re sure many are celebrating this because that woman sure made people angry. Oh, and there was another thing we didn’t see coming; Oupa was shot. Did we mention that Zweli almost lost his life? So much happened on The River this past week, and we have all the juicy details in case you missed it.

Lindiwe discovers the truth

Sheree played the game so well that Lindiwe vowed to kill her Zweli. Mrs Dikana was convinced that her husband double crossed her, and she asked Zolani to get poison so that she could destroy him.

While we were all hoping that she would change her mind about murdering Zweli, Lindiwe went ahead with her plan. She poisoned Zweli’s drink and dragged him to the car to make it look like a suicide. And, just as she was about to succeed, Zolani and Tshabalala walked in to save the day. Tshabalala told Lindiwe the truth about Sheree and all the threats she had made to Zweli.

1Magic on Twitter

Ayeye! Sheree’s days are numbered. #TheRiver1Magic

Of course, the mining mogul was shocked and realised that she had made a big mistake. They rushed to the car and fortunately, Zweli, who was still unconscious, survived. That was a very close call, though. We hope Lindiwe has learned to trust her husband.

Sheree’s tragic end

She is finally gone. Can you believe it? Sheree is out of the picture, for good. We’ll give it to her, she was really good at playing the victim and making people’s lives a living hell! And, she almost got everyone fooled. But, as you know, the truth eventually comes out. The fake professor Jacobson was convinced that she had won, and she couldn’t be further from the truth.

She got excited after receiving a text message from Zweli’s number, asking her to meet with him. Little did she know that it was Lindiwe who sent the message. Sheree got the shock of her life when she arrived at the Lion Park. Instead of Zweli, Lindiwe was waiting for her. She was confronted by the mother of two and she tried to deny it all. It was too late. Lindiwe really showed her who’s boss by pointing a gun at her threatening to shoot.

1Magic on Twitter

Sheree forgot to research what happens to people who mess with Lindiwe. #TheRiver1Magic

What we didn’t see coming, though, was Lindiwe not shooting and choosing to leave Sheree with all those hungry lions. And that, friends, is how Ms Jacobson lost her life.

Oupa gets shot

Viewers’ hearts were broken after Oupa was shot by the police. Unfortunately, bad things happen to you when you don’t follow the law. Dipapas, as he is affectionately known, and his friend Cobra got into a lot of trouble after they hijacked a car. They had no idea that the car actually belonged to a cop. Just as they thought they had gotten away with the crime, the police were chasing them.

They decided to abandon the car on the street and ran for their lives. As you can imagine, being chased by the cops tends to end in a tragic way. Oupa was shot while Cobra managed to get away.

1Magic on Twitter

Well, we didn’t see this one coming 😱Did you? #TheRiver1Magic

Now we’re all wondering if the ex-convict has died? Is this really the end of the road for him?

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