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First of all, if you’re still breathing after Friday evening’s episode of The River, well done to you! But if you haven’t seen it yet, SPOILER ALERT! Stop reading right now and go and stream The River on Showmax immediately!

The incredible 1Magic production wowed viewers with the first season finale, and guess what? Season 2 starts tonight (Monday, 28 January) – so we don’t have long to wait to find out how things will progress! New episodes land on Showmax express from the 1Magic broadcast every weekday.

Here’s a quick recap of last week’s action.

Tumi finds out that Lindiwe is her mother

From the first episode of the show, which aired a year ago, viewers had could somehow tell that Tumi was Lindiwe’s daughter. But no one knew how she’d get to discover the truth about her birth mother.

Last week, we all watched as Tumi desperately tried to figure out where she comes from, and whether or not her biological mother is still alive. Before she could do that, she went back to Malefu to try to have a decent conversation with her – she is, after all, the same woman who raised her. However, things didn’t go as planned and Malefu made it clear, once again, that she wants nothing to do with the young woman.

1Magic on Twitter

Once again, Malefu reminds Tumi of all the sacrifices she made to bring her up. #TheRiver1Magic

With only a necklace as a clue, Tumi made it her mission to find her birth mother. When she and Lindani headed to Lindiwe’s house to find some dirt on her, Tumi probably didn’t anticipate that she’d confirm that Lindiwe is her mother. While going through Mrs Dikana’s stuff, Tumi found the other half of the necklace she’s been holding on to. This is the only confirmation she needed.

She was shocked, of course. But before she could celebrate, she found herself in a situation that could possibly cost her her life.

1Magic on Twitter

Her world just changed #TheRiver1Magic

Lindiwe shoots herself

We’ll never understand how Lindiwe always manages to get people on her side. No matter how much she messes up, she always comes out as a hero.

After forcefully removing Refilwe residents out of their homes, and also being partly responsible for a couple of dead bodies – including Walter’s – Lindiwe somehow managed to come up with a good speech about how it was never her intention for any of this to happen.

While she was giving her speech in Refilwe, with the community eating up every single word, Tshabalala was on a mission to find Tumi so that Lindiwe could end her life. In case you’re confused about why Lindiwe would want to kill Tumi, well, we’re here to help.

Zolani confessed to Tumi that Lindiwe killed her father, Thato Mokoena. The reason Zolani told her was that he hoped he could win her over. Of course, it didn’t work and Tumi still wanted nothing to do with him. So, feeling helpless, Zolani went to his aunt and told her what he had done, and she promised him that she would deal with Tumi.

After giving her fake speech at Refilwe, Lindiwe literally buried Tumi alive. When she headed back home, she listened to a voice message from Tumi, who basically told her that she’s her daughter. Err… Lindiwe was obviously not expecting this. She couldn’t handle the fact that she had just buried Tumi, who could be her child, and she ended up shooting herself.

1Magic on Twitter

She faced a truth that money could never buy #TheRiver1Magic

We kid you not! All of this happened on The River last week. Now we’re all wondering what’s going to happen in Season 2, which premieres this evening. Is Tumi still alive? Will Lindiwe survive this? All these questions will be answered soon. Just make sure that you stream The River right here on Showmax. New episodes air 15 minutes after the DStv broadcast.

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