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We all probably expected to hear the worst about Tumi after Lindiwe buried her alive over a week ago on The River, though we were hoping that she somehow survived that tragic incident. But it looks like the new Mrs Dlamini might have actually died. The sad news was delivered by Zolani to the Mokoenas on Friday.

After Zolani probed Tshabalala for a while, and basically forced him to tell the truth about Tumi’s disappearance, the corrupt cop finally confessed that he delivered Tumi to Lindiwe and even told him where she was buried. He also said Tumi died.

Zolani, who’s obviously trying to be a better person, immediately went to the Mokoena family to tell them what had happened to their loved one.

1Magic on Twitter

He said he was done lying, but did you think Zolani would go straight to the Mokoenas the minute he found out about Tumi? #TheRiver1Magic

Imagine your worst fears coming to life, just like that! And the worst part is that Zolani even told them that Tumi was killed by his aunt Lindiwe. Now we honestly can’t help but wonder if Tumi really is dead? Did Zolani see her lifeless body? Or did he just take what Tshabalala said and believed it?

We’ve been watching this show since it first aired and if we’ve learned anything, it’s that there’s always a plot twist. Until we see a body, we will assume that Tumi is alive somewhere and is just trying to make sense of everything that has gone down in her life in the last couple of weeks.

Lindiwe critical but stable

While there’s a possibility that Tumi is no longer alive, Lindiwe survived her suicide attempt. In case you’ve already forgotten, the wealthy (and crooked) businesswoman shot herself after discovering that Tumi was her daughter.

She was rushed to the hospital, had an operation to remove the bullet from her head, and is well on her way to recovery. She hasn’t regained consciousness yet, but it looks like her condition is not as bad as we first thought. Her family has been by her side since the day of the shooting, and everyone is hoping that she’ll make it.

But one family member who can’t wait for Lindiwe to die is Vero. She’s clearly still sour about everything Lindiwe has done to her, including turning her son against her, and is willing to do whatever it takes to end Lindiwe’s life.

1Magic on Twitter

Vero gets her revenge #TheRiver1Magic

Although she didn’t succeed with her plan, Vero is still looking for a way to make Lindiwe to pay for her all her evil ways.

It’s been a really hectic week for both the Dikana and Mokoena families. Will things get better this week? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out. Catch up on all the latest episodes of The River right here on Showmax. New episodes air 15 minutes after the DStv broadcast.

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