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One of the country’s best-loved actresses, Brenda Ngxoli, just joined 1 Magic’s hit telenovela. On Friday evening, Mzansi watched as the International Emmy Award-nominated performer made an unexpected entrance on the show. No lies, we screamed when we were first introduced to her character, Dambisa. Judging by what happened after she came on, we guess it’s safe to assume that she plays Zweli’s sister, and it looks like the heat just went up a notch.

1Magic on Twitter

Lindiwe’s plan to kick Nomonde (and Zweli) out the house has completely backfired! #TheRiver1Magic

Dambisa didn’t waste any time; she walked in and immediately gave Lindiwe a piece of her mind after discovering how badly she had been treating Nomonde.

Nomonde and Lindiwe’s drama

Lindiwe has made it no secret that she doesn’t consider Nomonde to be one of her children. This was evident after she gave her kids, including Zolani and Tumi, R1 million for all their “hard work”. However, her stepdaughter Nomonde only received R100 000. Imagine finding out that everyone received a huge Christmas bonus, and you’re the only one who got peanuts? That would really hurt!

As soon as she found out that she didn’t get what’s due to her, Nomonde confronted Lindiwe about it. She was surprised to learn that her stepmother didn’t see anything wrong with what she did, and instead, told her that she was being ungrateful for not accepting her “gift”. This created a lot of tension in the Dikana home as the two women were at each other’s throats. This was of course very uncomfortable for everyone, including Zweli, who found himself having to pick a side. Zweli also tried to get his wife to see that what she had done was wrong, but Lindiwe couldn’t be bothered and insisted that Nomonde got what she deserves (she’s not her real child, after all).

Things got worse when the mining mogul kicked Nomonde out of her house, even going as far as throwing her clothes outside.

1Magic on Twitter

Lindiwe has taken more than what she’s willing to handle. Nomonde must leave, and Zweli can follow her too! #TheRiver1Magic

We can’t wait to see how interesting things will be now that Dambisa, the only person who doesn’t seem to be scared of Lindiwe, is in the picture.

Cobra and Paulina’s wedding called off

How shocked were you when you discovered Cobra has a child? And no, not with Paulina but with some other woman that we didn’t even about. The lady just came out of the blue, dropped the baby off at the Mokoena home, and drove off to Durban. All of this happened just as Cobra and Paulina were planning to get married. When Paulina found out about her soon-to-be husband’s baby, she was really disappointed because he had hidden this big secret from her.

It was really sad to watch that moment when Paulina told Cobra that she no longer wanted to marry him and decided to call off the wedding. You could tell that Cobra was heartbroken because he really loves his Pauli.

1Magic on Twitter

All she ever wanted was for Cobra to share his imperfections. But he chose to lie instead. #TheRiver1Magic

Do you think these two love birds will work things out? Or is it over for good between them? Also, will Dambisa sort Lindiwe out? You can’t afford to miss out on this epic storyline. Catch The River right here on Showmax. New episodes air 15 minutes after the DStv broadcast.

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