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How many of these British gems have you watched? They’re all ready for a bloody brilliant binge-session on Showmax.

The Last Post | First on Showmax

Based deep in the Middle East, far from home, the soldiers and families of a British outpost have to navigate life and duty while facing a growing insurgency against them in this lush and engrossing historical drama. Watch now »

Vanity Fair, S1

This gorgeous, brand-new series is an adaptation of William Thackeray’s 1848 novel about Becky Sharp and her friends and family during the Napoleonic Wars. Starring Olivia Cooke, Tom Bateman and Johnny Flynn. Watch now »

Luther, S1-4

Luther is on Showmax
Image: BBC

Idris Elba is Luther, a brilliant but emotionally impulsive detective. He uses his skills to hunt down the worst among us, but that comes at the cost of his own stability in this excellent crime drama. Watch now »


What’s the real story behind Guy Fawkes day? This gripping new three-part series with a star-studded cast uncovers the gritty, violent and steamy truth. Watch now »

Downton Abbey, S1-6

Downton Abbey on Showmax
Image: BBC

Audiences quickly became addicted to this immersive series. You’ll love being privy to the intimate details and intricate workings of the lives of the Earl and Countess of Grantham and their family, and the difficulties, dangers and drama for the servants who live at Downton with them. This is as authentic as period drama gets: actual historical events shape the plotlines, and filming took place in Highclere Castle. Maggie Smith’s Dowager Countess often steals the show with her dour, dry, hilariously snooty one-liners. Watch now »

Game of Thrones, S1-7

HBO's Game of Thrones is on Showmax
Image: HBO

Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, a land dominated by brutal power struggles, epic landscapes and supernatural forces. As the battle for control over the Seven Kingdoms becomes increasingly deadly, there’s more to fear than other humans. Beyond the boundaries of the Wall, an enormous barrier erected in the distant past to protect the realm, a terrifying darkness is growing. Winter is coming… and it’s going to be dark, cold and unforgiving. This violent and utterly gripping series has won hundreds of industry awards, including the most number of Emmys ever for a series in a single year in 2015. Watch now »

The Durrells, S1-2

Louisa Durrell moves her family from England to a Greek island in 1935, but the locals are not ready for this strange and wonderful life-loving clan of misfits! Watch now »

Top of the Lake, S1-2

Detective Robin Griffin finds herself back in her hometown of Laketop, New Zealand, when a 12-year-old pregnant girl goes missing. With a cast of characters ranging from the town’s intimidating self-appointed leader to an androgynous spiritualist, Robin has her work cut out for her if she’s to get to the bottom of this mystery. But this edgy crime drama is about more than just a missing person’s case. It draws attention to the various issues women face. In Season 2, Robin is back in Sydney, fighting the ghosts from her previous case, when she is brought in to investigate how a young Asian woman’s body ended up in a blue suitcase that washed up on the beach. Watch now »

Harlots, S1-2, First on Showmax

Sex, revenge and cunning are everywhere in this raunchy show about an 18th-Century London brothel owner raising her stunning daughters in a very seedy world. Starring Jessica Brown Findlay, Samantha Morton, Lesley Manville, and, in Season 2, Liv Tyler. Watch now »

The Frankenstein Chronicles, S1-2, First on Showmax

The Frankenstein Chronicles on Showmax
Image: ITV

Sean Bean plays policeman John Marlott, a war vet haunted by the ghosts of his wife and child, who makes a grisly discovery on the banks of the Thames in this bone-chillingly dark and brilliantly acted series. In an attempt to unlock the secrets of the otherworldly force that is targeting London’s children, Marlott enlists the help of author Mary Shelley. Throbbing with violence and laced with pretty graphic blood and gore, it will be gobbled up by connoisseurs of horror looking for a new take on one of the earliest examples of the genre. Watch now »

Taboo, First on Showmax

Adventurer James Delaney (Tom Hardy), thought to be dead, returns to 19th-Century London to claim his inheritance. But, in this nail-biting series, his enemies have no idea how cunningly dangerous Delaney is. Watch now »

The Missing, S1-2

The Missing on Showmax
Image: BBC

The two seasons of this chilling British crime series are connected by one thing: Julien Baptiste, the investigator who is a family’s only hope of finding their missing child. In Season 1, Oliver Hughes goes missing in France while on holiday with his parents, and it isn’t until eight years later, when his father sees an image of another child wearing Ollie’s scarf, that his father feels that finding him could be a possibility. In Season 2, a missing girl surfaces more than a decade after her disappearance, and Baptiste is the only person who suspects that she’s not who she says she is… Watch now »

Top Gear, S9-12, The Best Of, S1, Top Gear Specials

Top Gear on Showmax
Image: BBC

When Top Gear was relaunched in 2002, nobody expected what a behemoth it would become. Go back to the early days and experience all the drama, madness and power again. Watch now »

The Top Gear Winter Olympic, Polar and Botswana Specials are also on Showmax, as is Season 1 of Top Gear: Best Of.

HBO’s The Collection

Scandal, drama, feuds and romance power the halls of an illustrious fashion house as two brothers try to raise it from the ashes. But can they avoid destroying each other? Watch now »

The Good Karma Hospital, S1-2

Ruby needs to escape and takes a job as a doctor in India. She thinks she’s prepared, but she didn’t expect how much the place would change her… This is definitely one for the Grey’s Anatomy fans! Watch now »

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