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Telkom LIT_Video is a mobile-only offer from Telkom that allows you to stream video on your smartphone or tablet from Showmax and DStv Now without using any of your own mobile data. That’s right: #DataHasFallen

If you’re on a FreeMe 5GB plan or higher, you get 50GB free to use to watch videos on your mobile device from selected media partners, including Showmax and DStv Now. And if you run out (which is almost impossible) you can buy another LIT_Video 50GB bundle for only R231. 

The 50GB of video data you receive from Telkom is enough to watch more than 400 comedy shows, 180 drama series, or 500 kids’ shows on Showmax when using the lowest quality streaming setting.

More about Telkom LIT »

Telkom LIT_ mobile data deal with Showmax

How do I get LIT_Video?

  • Existing customers with Telkom FreeMe 5GB and up: Simply dial *180*6*1# to activate Telkom LIT_Video and get your 50GB free.
  • New Telkom FreeMe 5GB and up customers are automatically signed up for LIT_Video and get 50GB free
  • Prepaid customers can buy a LIT_Video bundle by dialling *180*1*5*1*1*1#. Choose between a once-off or monthly subscription.

How does LIT_Video work with Showmax?

To use LIT_Video data for Showmax or DStv Now, you need to have active subscriptions to Showmax or DStv Now and activate your LIT_Video bundle.

Telkom is able to determine when you’re watching Showmax or DStv Now and ensure that up to 50GB of video data per month is not deducted from your own data package, but is taken from the LIT_Video bundle instead. Be sure to watch at the lowest resolution setting to get even more out of your video bundle – which is perfect for smaller screens like mobile phones.

Non-FreeMe 5GB or up customers can also purchase a very competitively priced 50GB LIT_Video bundle for only R231 – which can be used for video only and not as general data.

Showmax is R99 per month and you can add it to your Telkom bill for seamless account management. Download the Showmax and DStv Now Android or Apple apps to watch on your phone or tablet.

Telkom LIT_ mobile data deal with Showmax

How do I sign up for Showmax?

Go to to sign up for Showmax and follow the prompts. Showmax offers many different ways to pay. Add Showmax to your Telkom bill or pay with cheque or credit card, PayPal and vouchers.

Sign up now »

What is there to watch on Showmax

From the Best of HBO including Ballers, Big Little Lies, Insecure, Westworld and Game of Thrones, to Showmax Originals like Tali’s Wedding Diary and co-productions such as iNumber Number, Showmax has the best of local and international entertainment. Keep an eye on the First on Showmax Collection for shows that came first and only to Showmax including HBO’s Succession, Younger, Reverie, Alone Together, SirenSMILF, Taboo, The Deuce, Kingdom, The Young Pope and more. See the full catalogue here »m

Looking for local?

Don’t miss top movies including:

Love South African series?

Showmax has these and so much more:

Want to watch live sport?

Download the DStv Now app if you’re a DStv subscriber, log in or register for a DStv Connect ID, and stream live sports events direct from your phone or tablet. You won’t have to use any of your own mobile data as the Telkom LIT_Video 50GB free data deal applies to any video you stream on DStv Now, when set to the lowest quality.

Watch more Showmax by selecting lowest quality streaming

Showmax has a range of data-saving tools, designed for mobile. Get even more out of your free 50GB by changing the settings on the Showmax app to “low”. Here’s how:

  1. Click Settings (For iOS, click App Preference after Settings).
  2. Select Bandwidth Capping.
  3. Here, you’ll find three options:
  • No Capping – this gives you the highest possible quality and equals about 35 hours of streaming
  • Medium – this is enough for 70 hours of streaming
  • Low – gives you more than 150 hours of streaming

Find out more about bandwidth capping or download smaller file sizes for watching offline on your mobile device.

How to use bandwidth capping to manage data

How to download with Showmax

All you have to do to get 50GB of free mobile data to stream video from Showmax, wherever and whenever, is activate Telkom LIT_Video and subscribe to Showmax. Get all the details here »

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