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Tandy Bowen (Olivia Holt) and Tyrone Johnson (Aubrey Joseph), two children from the opposite sides of the tracks, are brought together by a mysterious oil rig explosion in New Orleans that will tie their fates together in the new super-powered teen drama series Cloak & Dagger (2018, only available on Showmax), which is based on a Marvel comic book series. When they cross paths years later, Tandy and Tyrone find out that the explosion isn’t all they have in common – they’ve developed super powers too, and when they touch, things go boom! That’s when everything gets weird. And as Tandy and Tyrone slowly explore their powers together, they’ll discover that there’s nothing that builds a friendship better than someone you can be openly weird with…

Cloak and Dagger comes to Showmax express from the US
Image: ABC

Finding a BFF

“Their relationship is complicated. They are curious about each other one second, and then the next they want nothing to do with each other. As the season goes on, they’ll recognise that they’re each other’s better halves. They are the answer to each other’s questions,” says Olivia. “What a cool thing to have, somebody who finally understands you and understands your journey and is okay with that and doesn’t judge you for it or want to make it harder for you. They seem to have a very, very special relationship.”

Aubrey adds that “they are so damaged. And when they finally meet each other, it changes who they are completely. They finally have someone they can trust, someone they can talk to, someone they can look to for advice. And it’s important for us to see that onscreen because we are so separated by skin colour and by social status. By so many things. That is the most beautiful part of their relationship to me.”

Fun fact: Tandy’s “light daggers” in Cloak & Dagger are physical props made of Lucite, which contain small, specialised lights sources.

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Friendship is magic

Tandy and Tyrone’s awesome friendship puts Cloak & Dagger in the category of shows that we find comforting and relatable to watch because they show friendship as a superpower that can help you overcome every drama that life throws in your face. If you’re into that, give these best buddies a chance too.

Grey’s Anatomy, S1-13

“Twisted sisters” Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) are our favourite Grey’s BFFs from Seasons 1 to 10. There is no greater statement of commitment on TV than when Cristina tells Meredith that she has made Meredith her official emergency contact in Season 2, episode 1. The words “You’re my person” are written on our hearts in gold. Watch now »

Playing House, S1
Playing House on Showmax
Image: NBC

Friends like Emma (Jessica St Clair) and Maggie (Lennon Parham) do all the weird, private stuff for each other that you can’t ask anyone else to do – like drag you out of the bathtub when you’ve been stuck there for seven hours. It’s support without judgement or competitiveness. They’re the kind of ride-or-die friends who name their children after one another and their boats after one another’s children. “All we ever wanted to do was do a show that made people feel like calling their best friend,” says Jessica. Watch now »

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