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In The Ottoman Lieutenant, Lillie is an American nurse who travels to a medical mission run by a passionate doctor in the remote reaches of the Ottoman Empire (now known as Turkey) on the eve of World War I. There, she meets Ismail, a soldier in the Ottoman Imperial Army, and before long, she finds herself falling for his charms.

The Ottoman Lieutenant is only on Showmax
Image: NBC

But when war breaks out, Lillie is torn between her passion for her work, and Ismail, who is now seen as the enemy.

Ben Kingsley plays Woodruff, the founder of the medical mission, and Josh Hartnett plays the virtuous doctor Jude.

The Ottoman Lieutenant is on Showmax
Image: NBC

Expect glorious cinematography, a heartfelt dose of old-fashioned romance, and violent battle scenes in this beautiful movie, which you’ll find only on Showmax.

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