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When you set up The Rock’s son, you must know that he’ll go to insane lengths to get him back.

That’s the main premise of Snitch. Dwayne Johnson plays John Matthews, a successful businessman in the trucking industry. He’s a dad, and his son Jason made a stupid mistake when he accepted a parcel of drugs from a friend. It was a set up, and now Jason is facing 10 years minimum in prison.

To reduce his son’s sentence The Rock must now go undercover for the DEA and do a high-level drug deal with some seriously dangerous people. Watch it now »

Entering the underworld is not easy, as John Matthews finds out. He employs quite a few ex-cons, so all he needed was an introduction, but that in itself can be very dangerous.

John eventually meets with a dealer called Malik (Michael Kenneth Williams, who plays Omar in The Wire). Malik immediately pulls out a pistol on John, who raises his hands in fear. The dealer did this to check the response, and the fearful submission showed that John was not a cop. This was a clever scene, and we see The Rock’s character showing vulnerability and self-doubt, a trait that we don’t usually see in roles that the wrestling star is cast to.

Seeing Dwayne Johnson in this more intense and gritty role is a refreshing change from his usual action-hero persona. And he pulls it off surprisingly well.

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