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October is huge. We’ve got Game of Thrones S7, Mr Robot S3, Penny Dreadful and a feast of awesome Disney shows. And on the local front, we’ve got the brilliant Showmax co-productions iNumber Number and The Waterfront hitting your screens.

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Series Additions

Knight King Game of thrones Showmax
Image: HBO

Game of Thrones S7
The dragons are rising, the White Walkers are at the Wall and the great houses are getting ready as the battle for the Iron Throne heads towards its dramatic finale.
Planned Release Date: 02 Oct

Keeping up with the Kardashians S12
Can Khloé and Caitlyn end their feud? Will Lamar recover? And what are the Kardashians doing in Cuba? All this and more in new exciting episodes of television’s first family!
Planned Release Date: 02 Oct

Girls S6
Start with a splash as a magazine sends Hannah to surf camp. But while she soaks up the sun, back in New York Marnie struggles to deal with her divorce. Riz Ahmed has a guest appearance in this season, and he was nominated for an Emmy for his role.
Planned Release Date: 05 Oct

South Park S21 EP4-7 | Express from the US
Political correctness creeps into the town of South Park, turning everything on its head. But the kids are ready to fight back in this long-running and hilarious animated series.
Planned Release Date: From 05 Oct 

Pure Genius S1
What happens when a technology billionaire and a brilliant doctor decide to open the world’s most advanced hospital? A medical drama like you have never seen before.
Planned Release Date: 09 Oct

Hawaii Five-O S4 – S5
From liberation terrorists to professional assassins, crime keeps arriving on the islands of Hawaii. But the Five-O team are ready to fight back and nab the bad guys.
Planned Release Date: 09 Oct

Mariah’s World S1
Nobody holds a candle to the soul, passion and talent of Mariah Carey. Now get to know her up close as the cameras follow her on a world tour.
Planned Release Date: 09 Oct

Mr Robot S3 – First on Showmax
First on Showmax. Things are ready to explode as Phase 2 closes in, Elliot’s multiple personalities grow stronger and nobody can trust anyone in this brilliant cat and mouse game. New episodes will launch on Showmax weekly, express from the US!
Planned Release Date: 12 Oct

Channel Zero – First on Showmax
Discover the strange town of Candle Cove, then visit the No-End House in this chilling horror anthology series. This is where nightmares come from. But don’t watch it alone…
Planned Release Date: 16 Oct

Devious Maids S1 – S3
When power and wealth lead to sex, scandals and even murder among Beverley Hills’ richest, it’s always the maids who have to clean up the mess in this lethal comedy.
Planned Release Date: 16 Oct

Penny Dreadful S1 – S3
Monsters are real and this team of Victorian sleuths are out to find them. But to catch a monster, you have to become a monster in this brilliant action series.
Planned Release Date: 19 Oct

American Gothic S1
A family realises that it’s connected to a series of grisly murders and one of them may be the killer. Will it tear them apart in this tense mystery thriller?
Planned Release Date: 23 Oct

Difficult People S1
Julie and Billy want to become comedy stars, but they can’t catch a break. Maybe it’s because they really don’t know how to behave in this hilarious comedy series.
Planned Release Date: 23 Oct

Stargate Universe S1 – S2
Unable to return to Earth, a team of scientists and soldiers have to travel on an alien ship. But that won’t prepare them for the weird worlds out there.
Planned Release Date: 26 Oct

Movie Additions

the waiting city on showmax
Image: Videovision

The Waiting City
Fiona and Ben Simmons travel to India to adopt a child. But the long and difficult process they have to go through might cost them their marriage.
Planned Release Date: 02 Oct

Sydney White
A college freshman pledged to her mother’s sorority decides to overthrow the tyrannical regime of Rachel Witchburn, student council president, in this romcom based on the story of Snow White.
Planned Release Date: 02 Oct

Two chef brothers argue and literally split their recipe book. After 20 years of fighting each other, one of their daughters tries to reunite them in this sweet comedy.
Planned Release Date: 02 Oct

The Samaritan
Samuel L Jackson stars as Foley, fresh out of jail and hoping to stay clean. But the son of an old friend drags him back for one more job.
Planned Release Date: 05 Oct

Seven Psychopaths
A screenwriter has a good title, but no story. Then his two friends kidnap a rich gangster’s dog… Don’t miss this fan favourite action comedy where insanity keeps you alive!
Planned Release Date: 05 Oct

The Grandmaster
Ip Man was one of the greatest martial artists ever and he even trained the legendary Bruce Lee. Now discover the story of the master in this epic action movie.
Planned Release Date: 09 Oct

October Sky
The son of a coal miner looks to the skies in this incredible true story. He wants to create space rockets, but nobody supports his dream, except for one teacher.
Planned Release Date: 09 Oct

Phantom Of The Opera
See this classic in a fresh light as it tells the story of a disfigured musical genius who plots to seduce a famous singer away from her attractive benefactor.
Planned Release Date: 09 Oct

Don’t Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood
The Wayans brothers turn their comedy talents to hood movies, where nobody lives beyond 21, mad cousins have nukes in their trucks and you never pick a fight with Grandma!
Planned Release Date: 09 Oct

The Tale Of Despereaux
Enjoy adventure for the whole family in this stunning animated tale about Despereaux, a small mouse who sets out to save a princess and bring happiness back to the kingdom.
Planned Release Date: 12 Oct

All In Good Time
Getting married is easy, getting intimate is hard – especially when you live with your nosy father! Can these newlyweds save themselves from their family in this hilarious British comedy?
Planned Release Date: 12 Oct

Alike is your typical teenager, hanging out with her friends and learning who she is. But her discovery that she is attracted to other women leads to conflict in this tense and stunning drama.
Planned Release Date: 16 Oct

War has created giant cities full of crime where only the Judges are able to keep the peace. And one judge is feared more than anything: Judge Dredd.
Planned Release Date: 16 Oct

A talented player, Gracie is the only girl in her soccer-mad family. Then a tragedy prompts her to join the all-boys soccer team in this heart-warming true story.
Planned Release Date: 16 Oct

Love In The Time Of Cholera
A man tries to forget his past by having one steamy affair after the other. But it doesn’t erase the feelings for his lost love in this moving romantic drama.
Planned Release Date: 16 Oct

American Reunion
The teens from the original American Pie are now all grown up. But that doesn’t mean they’ve grown up! As the friends come together, things quickly fall apart with hilarious consequences.
Planned Release Date: 19 Oct

Bank Job
Terry (Jason Statham) is a reformed petty thief, living a pedestrian London life with his family – until his ex turns up with an offer he can’t refuse.
Planned Release Date: 19 Oct

In The Name Of The King 1
When a warlord’s army kills a farmer’s son and kidnaps his wife, they don’t realise they’ve made a big enemy, in this epic fantasy action movie starring Jason Statham!
Planned Release Date: 19 Oct

Transporter 3
Jason Statham is back as Frank Martin, about to tackle his toughest mission yet: a stubborn socialite he has to protect, not the least because they share an explosive bracelet.
Planned Release Date: 19 Oct

The Invention Of Lying
In a world where nobody tells lies, a man discovers how to twist the truth. He starts lying to help himself, but this only leads to a series of disasters.
Planned Release Date: 26 Oct

South African Additions

Waterfront on Showmax
Image: kykNET and Showmax

Springbok Stories S1
Go behind the scenes with the Springboks in this series that follows our rugby heroes on and off the field.
Planned Release Date: 02 Oct

iNumber Number S1
The bond between thieves is only as good as the greed they share. The groundbreaking local crime film is now a television series co-produced by Showmax and Mzansi Magic. The full boxset lands on 5 October, shortly after the series has ended on Mzansi Magic.
Planned Release Date: 05 Oct

A petty crook in Johannesburg starts building a criminal empire. But rival gangs and corrupt cops are out to stop him in this stunning crime thriller.
Planned Release Date: 05 Oct

Megaboere S1 – S2
Farming isn’t easy. It takes blood, sweat, tears and a lot more to get the best crops. This groundbreaking series visits South Africa’s most successful farmers and learns their secrets.
Planned Release Date: 09 Oct

When the most popular boy in school asks insecure Nkamogoleng to the Matric dance, she goes into overdrive to please him – even agreeing to do more than just dance.
Planned Release Date: 09 Oct

Sena is studying medicine, following in her father’s footsteps. But she dreams of becoming a writer, and enrols in a creative writing course, where she meets an enigmatic journalism student.
Planned Release Date: 09 Oct

A Reason to Fly
Woane’s dream of becoming a pilot is at risk after she has a panic attack and fails the exam. Can she overcome her fear and take to the sky?
Planned Release Date: 09 Oct

Sina Nomakotshana
A dancer has to choose between embracing her attraction to women or pleasing her staunchly conservative family in this deep and powerful short film.
Planned Release Date: 09 Oct

Die Waterfront – S1 EP1 – Weekly Episodes
A kykNET and Showmax co-production: three sisters return to Cape Town and their family business of building yachts in this new drama series full of scandal, intrigue and romance! New episodes come express from kykNET.
Planned Release Date: 12 Oct

Villa Rosa S11
The Villa Rosa guesthouse looks like a peaceful place. But the people behind its doors are always on the move as they chase romance, rivalry and conspiracies in this drama.
Planned Release Date: 16 Oct

Behind The Story: Cassper Nyovest
He rules the SA hip hop scene and has the power to Fill The Dome! Get to know Cassper Nyovest in this exclusive and personal interview with the man himself.
Planned Release Date: 16 Oct

Edik Van Nantes S1 – S2
Follow Nataniel to France, where he puts the food, the culture and the people to the test in his trademark laid-back yet elegant style. Good food and good company!
Planned Release Date: 23 Oct

Can these two star-crossed lovers from a tiny South African village make their relationship work?
Planned Release Date: 23 Oct

MTV Base Meets Sir Richard Branson
Self-made billionaire and serial entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson meets with five panellists from across Africa. Tap into the mind of this maverick and find out what drives him.
Planned Release Date: 26 Oct

For the Kids

sabrina teenage witch on showmax
Image: CBS

Sabrina The Teenage Witch S1-4
Sabrina is a powerful magician, but can’t tell anyone. To her friends, she is just a normal teenager: they don’t know that she uses her magic to help them.
Planned Release Date: 12 Oct

Disney’s Sofia The First S3
Sofia is getting used to being a princess, and helps newcomers to Royal Prep make friends and have fun. But some are very jealous of Sofia’s kindness…
Planned Release Date: 19 Oct

Star Wars Rebels S1-2
The empire is rising and the intergalactic rebels must fight for their freedom. This epic animated series takes you right to the fight against evil consuming the galaxy.
Planned Release Date: 19 Oct

Disney’s Liv And Maddie S1
Liv and Maddie are identical twins, yet they couldn’t be more different! But when they have to share the same room, they find out they’re stronger together…
Planned Release Date: 19 Oct

Disney’s Captain Jake And The Never Land Pirates S4
Jake is the captain now, but the adventures don’t stop. With ghosts, pharaohs and robot sharks attacking the Mighty Colossus, he and his crew have a lot to do.
Planned Release Date: 23 Oct

Disney Lab Rats: Elite Force S1
The super teens from Lab Rats and Mighty Med team up to fight supervillains, keeping the world safe from their evil schemes! But they still have to go to school…
Planned Release Date: 23 Oct

Disney’s Doc McStuffins S3
Doc and her magic stethoscope are ready to help keep the toys healthy, from overcoming their fears to helping them dry off after they fall in water!
Planned Release Date: 26 Oct

Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man S1-2
Using his amazing powers, Spider-Man fights super-villains. But he also still has to go to school and hang with friends, which is hard when you’re trying to save the world.
Planned Release Date: 26 Oct

Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors S1
Some serious villains are out to get Spider-Man, so he begins to create his own team of heroes to help defeat and capture these nasty people.
Planned Release Date: 26 Oct

Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man VS The Sinister 6 S1
Six supervillains are joining forces to defeat Spider-Man. So he reaches out to other heroes who can help him fight this new and dangerous gang called the Sinister 6.
Planned Release Date: 26 Oct

Non-Fiction Additions

The Truth About on Showmax
Image: Inverleigh

The Truth About S1 EP65-72
The sporting world attracts myths and conspiracies. But what’s fact and what’s fiction? Inverleigh explores a range of stories that give a new perspective to your favourite sports.
Planned Release Date: 05 Oct

The Magic of Harry Potter
The “unauthorised” story of JK Rowling explores the world’s fascination with the wizarding world she created, featuring interviews with her fans and archival footage of early interviews with the author herself.
Planned Release Date: 05 Oct

Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine
What drove one of the greatest influencers of the 21st century? This uncensored documentary delves into the paradoxical world of Steve Jobs, including his childhood and private life.
Planned Release Date: 12 Oct

I Am Bolt
He is the planet’s fastest person. Yet this only scratches the surface of Usain Bolt, whose character, principles and love have changed the world far beyond the athletics track.
Planned Release Date: 19 Oct

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