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Make 2018 your Year of the Binge and get ready for another First on Showmax with the intense HBO drama Room 104. Here’s the full list of all the series, movies, kids’ shows and documentaries coming to Showmax this month.

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Series Additions

Room 104 S1 – First on Showmax (HBO)
What really happens in airport motel rooms? Find out in this brilliant new series which goes behind the door of Room 104.
Planned release date: 15/01

Jordskott S1-2 – First on Showmax
A detective, still grieving for her long-lost daughter, stumbles onto a serial case of missing children – which is the tip of a bigger conspiracy in this edge-of-your-seat Swedish thriller…
Planned release date: 29/01

The Magicians S2
The Beast still lives, but can anyone stop him? Not when Julia continues her descent into the temptations of evil in this thrilling return to the dark fantasy series.
Planned release date: 4/01

Casual S1-2
Everyone is looking for something casual in this hilarious not-so-normal family comedy about trying to hang in the shallow side of the dating pool.
Planned release date: 4/01

Call the midwife S4-6 (BBC) 
It’s the 1960s and change is in the air. As a new decade dawns in London’s East End, are the nuns and midwives of Nonnatus House ready?
Planned release date: 8/01

Star Crossed S1 
Can love survive prejudice? In this groundbreaking sci-fi show, a human girl and alien boy must stand against their people’s anger, or risk losing each other.
Planned release date: 8/01

Fargo S3 
Fargo returns with a new saga of crime, passion and murder. Ewan McGregor stars in this tale about a plan so good, it can’t go wrong. Or can it?
Planned release date: 11/01

Odd Mom Out S2 
Jill tries to get back into the magazine business, which should be a cakewalk compared to family, Hamilton theatre tickets and the world’s worst neighbours.
Planned release date: 11/01

Blackish S1-2
Dre Johnson is successful and has a great family. But then he starts to wonder if all this success has made his family forget their roots, in this side-splitting comedy.
Planned release date: 15/01

Jamestown S1 
Life was tough in 1619, especially if you were a woman traded to be married. But that doesn’t mean you can’t fight back… Don’t miss this excellent period drama series.
Planned release date: 18/01

Scorpion S3 
The Scorpion team have their work cut out for them in this action-packed new season, including hijacked jet fighters, high-tech terrorists and even an unexpected trip to space…
Planned release date: 18/01

Bates Motel S1-5
Meet Norman Bates, a young boy with a controlling mother, in a town with a lot of evil to hide. You’ll never travel alone once you’ve visited the Bates Motel.
Planned release date: 22/01

Silicon Valley S4 (HBO) 
The madcap inventors may have failed with Pied Piper, but their new chat app is a huge hit. Can they avoid going nuts long enough to enjoy it?
Planned release date: 22/01

Kingpin S1
To take down a drug kingpin, agents infiltrate his cartel. But it turns into a dangerous cat-and-mouse game. Trust is not a luxury anyone can afford in this thrilling series.
Planned release date: 25/01

Reckless S1 
Jamie is a street-smart lawyer, but is she ready for a small rural town and its hunky attorney, Roy? Things get interesting in this hot legal eagle drama.
Planned release date: 29/01

Movie Additions

Shooting Dogs on Showmax
Shooting Dogs on Showmax. Image: MGM

Shooting Dogs
Standing in the middle of a looming massacre, a priest and a teacher try to stop the gates of hell from opening in this incredible drama about the Rwandan genocide.
Planned release date: 1/01

Jerry has a simple plan: stage a fake kidnapping to get the money he so badly needs. A return to the original award-winning dark comedy that started it all.
Planned release date: 1/01

Adventures Of Tom Thumb And Thumbelina 
Fleeing an attack on their village, two siblings are separated. Years later they find each other again, but do they remember? Don’t miss this fun adventure for the whole family.
Planned release date: 1/01

If I Stay 
Mia has big dreams which come to a halt when she ends up in a coma. Then an outer body experience shows her the world isn’t quite what she thought.
Planned release date: 4/01

Black Hawk Down
In 1993, US soldiers went into Mogadishu to capture a warlord. Then a black hawk helicopter is shot down, starting a battle that will forever be remembered.
Planned release date: 11/01

Khalil Gibran’s: The Prophet 
Don’t miss this incredible and mesmerising animated artwork which tells touching tales about love, life, good and evil, starring Liam Neeson and Salma Hayek.
Planned release date: 11/01

Lay The Favourite 
Beth is looking for a job in Vegas, so professional gambler Dink hires her. But when things get complicated, all bets are off in this caper comedy starring Bruce Willis.
Planned release date: 15/01

The Dilemma 
What if you find out your best friend’s wife is having an affair? But you also find out something worrying about him? And your future depended on it? No pressure.
Planned release date: 18/01

He’s a male model, catwalk genius and the inventor of Blue Steel. He’s also unbelievably stupid. And he’s the only guy who can save the world. A comedy classic.
Planned release date: 18/01

Babe: Pig In The City 
Babe has to save the farm from debt collectors, so he takes his sheepherding talents to the city. But is the world ready for this brave little pig?
Planned release date: 18/01

Art and books are banned. Emotions are strictly controlled. But even in this future dystopia, a saviour will come from the most unlikely place.
Planned release date: 22/01

For A Good Time, Call… 
They can’t stand each other, but they have to pay the rent, so two women decide to share a flat. Then they see a business opportunity running phone sex lines…
Planned release date: 25/01

Jaws: The Revenge 
Giant sharks have eaten her family, so when another monster shows up, Ellen Brody finally gets the chance to avenge her bloodline in the Jaws saga’s finale!
Planned release date: 25/01

James is ready to go to Europe, until his parents say they can’t bankroll him. Now he’s stuck at a crummy summer job at a theme park… or maybe not…
Planned release date: 29/01

Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights 
Moving to Cuba with her parents, Katey longs for her life back in the US… until she meets Javier, the handsome waiter who shares her passion for dance.
Planned release date: 29/01

Good Will Hunting 
Matt Damon and Robin Williams shine in the heart-warming drama about life, fate, choices and how sometimes it’s not your fault. Don’t miss this modern classic.
Planned release date: 29/01

Kids’ Shows

Barbie Collection on Showmax
Image: NBC

Barbie: Fairytopia 
Elina’s home, Magic Meadow, is dying. Her and her friends must rush to find the Guardian Fairy before the evil Laverna’s magic wins.
Planned release date: 4/01

Mr Bean Animated Series S2 E14-26 
Nobody is safe as Mr Bean returns for more animated mayhem. No matter if it’s a toothache, getting a haircut or car trouble, Mr Bean always ends up in a hilarious disaster situation.
Planned release date: 8/01

The Other Kingdom S1 
Princess Astral has the perfect life in a magical kingdom. But she longs to be a normal teen in high school… can she be a fairytale princess and a teenage girl?
Planned release date: 15/01

Documentary Additions

Planet Earth on Showmax
Planet Earth on Showmax. Image: BBC

That Sugar Film 
Health foods are supposed to be low on sugar, right? Not so, as filmmaker Damon Gameau goes on a diet that shows some healthy choices aren’t as good as claimed…
Planned release date: 4/01

Planet Earth S1 (BBC) 
Enter the amazing natural world in this award-winning series of nature documentaries. From unbelievable footage to never-seen-before animals, this is the one nature series you can’t miss.
Planned release date: 8/01

The Truth About S1 E89-96 
The sporting world attracts myths and conspiracies. But what’s fact and what’s fiction? Inverleigh explores a range of stories that give a new perspective to your favourite sports.
Planned release date: 11/01

The Emperor’s New Clothes 
The world seems to be getting richer, so why are so many of us still struggling? This provocative documentary examines why the gap between the rich and poor keeps growing.
Planned release date: 15/01

African Safari 3D 
See startlingly close encounters with lions, cheetahs, leopards, rhinos, elephants and more in this amazing nature movie that highlights the power and wonder of Africa.
Planned release date: 18/01

The Beatles: Eight Days A Week 
The Beatles performed an astounding 250 concerts between 1963 and 1966. This new documentary uses newly found footage and interviews to take you behind the scenes with the Fab Four.
Planned release date: 22/01

Enchanted Kingdom 3D 
Nature is the crowning glory of our planet, but it has never been shown in more detail and with more beauty than in this incredible nature documentary.
Planned release date: 25/01

African Additions

Muna and Imoh are the perfect couple until an accident puts Imoh into a coma. When Muna meets a man, she can’t help wondering what happens if Imoh wakes up.
Planned release date: 4/01

Bypass Hotel S1
The Bypass Resort has seen better days. But a nearby development might spike its value, creating a web of love, greed and betrayals in this thrilling drama.
Planned release date: 4/01

After The Proposal
The mother of three daughters puts immense pressure on them to get married. When a suitor proposes to the oldest daughter, the family’s demands may drive him away.
Planned release date: 11/01

Nyumba 10 S1
Get ready for drama and comedy every day between the neighbours living in a working-class estate in this explosive series.
Planned release date: 11/01

One Room
Featuring Monjaro and Dominic as a couple, this story follows a woman who has a serious burden to carry and the shocking path she takes to find happiness.
Planned release date: 18/01

Saida E46-91
Two star-crossed lovers have to keep their relationship a secret. Saida has grown up in a wheelchair and her world opens up when she meets someone who finally understands her.
Planned release date: 18/01

A street thug rescues an orphan in the city, then discovers the boy has strange supernatural powers. Together they try to find a long-lost brother and explain the hauntings.
Planned release date: 22/01

House Husband
Kyana is overwhelmed as a housewife but Chude, her husband, doesn’t understand why. When Chude is fired and Kyana gets a job, their roles are reversed. Can Chude cope?
Planned release date: 25/01

What happens when a comedian is no longer funny? James has exactly this problem and starts going to pieces. But maybe madness in a mad city is exactly the cure…
Planned release date: 25/01

A Lucky Man 
In this harrowing true story, we meet Ernie “Lastig” Solomon, an outcast whose life went down the wrong path until he found a new way in prison. Don’t miss it.
Planned release date: 29/01

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