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Update: The free data deal expired on 31 March 2019, but as a Vodacom customer you qualify for special video bundles for Showmax. Read on to find out more.

Showmax has launched a new deal with Vodacom featuring free access to Showmax PLUS free Showmax data!

Vodacom customers who add Showmax to their bill before 31 March 2019 will receive 15 GB of free data to be used for streaming or downloading on the Showmax app (5 GB per month for three months).

Thanks to the bandwidth capping function on the Showmax app, which lets you select the most appropriate quality level for your device, 15 GB will let you watch your favourite series for 45 hours if you use the lowest quality setting, which is perfect for watching on phones and tablets.

On top of this, the usual Showmax R99/month subscription fee will be waived for three months. There’s no contract or lock-in period – Showmax can be cancelled at any time.

This free data deal with three months of free access to Showmax is exclusive to Vodacom customers. To sign up for the deal, visit The deal is open to both prepaid and contract customers.

Once the three months’ free access period has expired, you will then be charged R49 per month for Showmax access for the following nine months. In total, this means that a year of Showmax, which would normally cost R1 188, will instead only cost R441 – and that’s with the 15 GB of free Showmax data during the first three months.

 Sign up now »

Need more data to continue watching?

Showmax and Vodacom deal

Buy a Showmax video bundle from Vodacom, specifically for streaming or downloading on Showmax.

  • 1 GB costs only R50, and will give you three hours of viewing time.
  • 3 GB costs R107, and gives you around nine hours.
  • 5 GB costs R152, and you can stream for 16 hours.

All of these Showmax bundles are valid for 30 days.

Here’s how to buy them.

My Vodacom app
  • Login to the My Vodacom App or My Vodacom website.
  • Select “Buy”, and then “Bundles” then choose “Video bundles”.
  • Select Showmax as your streaming service then buy your bundle.
  • Dial *135#
  • Reply *2* [Buy]
  • Reply *3* [Video bundles]
  • Reply [Showmax bundles]
  • Select the data bundle that you want to purchase based on your viewing balance.

Don’t have Showmax yet?

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