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If you’ve never seen the Coen brothers classic 1996 film Fargo, on which the award-winning series was based, you’re in for a treat. It launched on Showmax earlier this week, as well as the romantic drama If I Stay, based on the hugely popular YA novel by Gayle Forman, and starring Chloë Grace Moretz. There are also some intriguing new series to start bingeing, as well as a fresh South African travel documentary and the latest episodes of Waterfront and Boer Soek ‘n Vrou.

Here are all of this week’s new additions.

International series

Casual, S1-2

Casual on Showmax
Image: Lionsgate

Everyone is looking for something casual in this hilarious not-so-normal family comedy about trying to hang in the shallow side of the dating pool. Watch now »

The Magicians, S2

The Magicians Season 2 on Showmax
Image: NBC

The Beast still lives, but can anyone stop him? Not when Julia continues her descent into the temptations of evil in this thrilling return to the dark fantasy series. Watch now »

International movies


Fargo on Showmax
Image: MGM

Jerry has a simple plan: stage a fake kidnapping to get the money he so badly needs. A return to the original award-winning dark comedy that started it all. Seasons 1 and 2 of the series that is based on the film are currently on Showmax, with Season 3 coming next week! Watch now »

If I Stay

If I stay on Showmax
Image: MGM

Mia has big dreams which come to a halt when she ends up in a coma. Then an outer body experience shows her the world isn’t quite what she thought. Watch now »

Shooting Dogs on Showmax
Image: Videovision

Shooting Dogs

Standing in the middle of a looming massacre, a priest and a teacher try to stop the gates of hell from opening in this incredible drama about the Rwandan genocide. Watch now »

Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina

Tom Thumb on Showmax
Image: Miramax

Fleeing an attack on their village, two siblings are separated. Years later they find each other again, but do they remember? Don’t miss this fun adventure for the whole family.  Watch now »

Kids additions

Barbie: Fairytopia

Barbie Fairytopia on Showmax
Image: NBC

Elina’s home, Magic Meadow, is dying. She and her friends must rush to find the Guardian Fairy before the evil Laverna’s magic wins.  Watch now »

South African additions

Elders Die Camino, episode 1

Elders Die Camino Showmax
Image: kykNET

Elders, the best-selling Afrikaans book published last year about the Camino pilgrimage in Spain by writer, journalist and TV presenter Erns Grundling, is the inspiration behind Elders: Die Camino, a documentary series launching on kykNET and Showmax this January. Episodes land on Showmax every Wednesday with English subtitles, express from the kykNET broadcast. Watch now »

Waterfront, episode 13

Waterfront on Showmax

An exclusive kykNET and Showmax show: three sisters return to Cape Town and their family business of building yachts in this new drama series full of scandal, intrigue and romance! Watch now »

Boer Soek ‘n Vrou, S10, episode 13

Boer Soek 'n Vrou, S10 on Showmax
Image: kykNET

In the 10th season of this hit reality show, Minki van der Westhuizen returns to help 10 farmers find lasting love. New episodes every week!  Watch now »

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