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Snow may have fallen on our country’s peaks this week, but don’t let the chill bum you out. Here’s a sneak peek of the smoking new series and movies that are now available for you to stream or download on Showmax. Your weekend’s looking hotter already, isn’t it?

New crime drama series: The Night Of

An Emmy-nominated HBO mystery thriller about a naive student accused of a gruesome murder. But he can’t remember a thing about the night in question. Watch now »

New animated movie: Coraline

Coraline discovers a secret door in their new family home, with a dark secret behind it. Created by stop-motion genius Henry Selick, this is a must-see for animation fans! Watch now »

New action/rom-com movie: Blue Crush

This surfing movie is a great pick for this weekend, after the Corona J Bay Open was put on hold earlier this week because of some Great White shark action! Anne Marie hits the waves every day, intent on winning the upcoming Rip Masters competition. Then the hunky Matt appears and she becomes a little distracted… Watch now »

New action movie: Man About Town

Hotshot agent Jack keeps a tell-all diary of his exploits to save his marriage. When an author steals the book, he must do everything to get it back! Watch now »

New drama movie: American Son

Being a soldier may have made him tougher. But during a four-day Thanksgiving visit, Mike has to confront the volatile family problems he tried to escape. Watch now »

Editor’s Choice suspense movie: Gone

The survivor of an unsolved kidnapping suspects her sister has been grabbed by the same person. But nobody believes her, so she takes matters into her own hands. Watch now »

New Afrikaans series: Sterlopers, Season 1

Fame and fortune await those who reach for it. But the world of entertainment is full of backstabbing and betrayal in this fast-paced drama about the lives of media dreamers. Watch now »

New seasons of an SA soapie classic: Egoli, Seasons 8-18

Don’t miss a second of the love, laughter, drama and scandal of Egoli, one of South Africa’s most loved series and now available up to its massive finale. Showmax now houses the entire boxset, putting 18 years’ worth of City of Gold bingeing at your fingertips. Watch now »

New Mzansi series: Ntombi and Ace, Season 1

Follow this Mzansi celebrity couple as they come to terms with their new-found fame while planning their financial future and chasing their wildest dreams. Watch now »

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