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We’ve got another first on Showmax with BBC’s Class, a Dr Who spin off that makes for easy and epic binge-watching material. There’s also a hand-picked Father’s Day collection to celebrate all the super-dads, granddads and father figures out there.  Here’s your entertainment on Showmax this long weekend.

New episodes of a hit series: Kingdom, Season 3, episode 3 – First, express and exclusive on Showmax

This series is huge in the States right now and you can catch it only on Showmax with the newest episodes express from the USA. This season, we find out if there’s another Jay vs Ryan fight in the works and meet the gym’s new coach. Episodes 1 to 3 are now live. Watch now »

New series: Class – First and exclusive on Showmax

School is tough. Mix that with time travel and school gets weird! Explore the universe of Dr Who from the view of six students at a truly special academy. Showmax is the only place in SA that you can watch this popular spin-off series. Watch now »

New episodes of a series: Suits, Season 6

The new season of Suits is live! It’s all come crashing down for Mike, and the colleagues he’s left behind at Pearson Specter Litt. And one of Mike’s fellow convicts has a vendetta against Harvey to boot. Catch up on all six seasons on Showmax before the Season 7 premiere. Watch now »

New episodes of a documentary series: Total Combat Presents One Championship (Episodes 13 to 16)

With a hand-picked fight card in every episode, long-time Mixed Martial Arts rivals settle their differences the only way they know how. Get your fix with these full-length MMA fights. Watch now »

New SA series: Rap Dads, Season 1

Three of SA’s best rappers, Ma-E, Reason and L-Tido, invite us into their homes as they play the role of father while keeping their careers afloat and egos in check. Watch now »

New SA series: Die Munisipaliteit van Gwarra-Gwarra

Every small town has its quirky characters. But you’d have to go far to find people as strange as these! Watch now »

New SA movie: Hard to Get

A hard-hitting crime thriller about a beautiful, enigmatic criminal called Skiets who flirts with danger by stealing a ruthless crime lord’s car. She takes charming TK along for the ride. Watch now »

New movie: Delivery Man

A slacker delivery man discovers he has hundreds of children and decides to start helping them. But will he change enough to touch everyone in this hilarious comedy? Watch now »

New movie: Abandoned

An ocean voyage turns into a nightmare in this harrowing true survival story about four crew members left adrift for 119 days after their boat capsized. Watch now »

New kids’ series: Peppa Pig, Season 1

With her little brother George, Mommy Pig, Daddy Pig, Granny and Grandpa Pig, and her school friends, chatterbox Peppa explores her muddy-puddled world with enthusiasm and lots of oinking laughter. Watch now »

New kids’ series: Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, Season 1

Holly the fairy and Ben the elf are best friends in the magical Little Kingdom, ruled by Holly’s kind parents King and Queen Thistle, where there’s adventure under every tree. Watch now »

New kids’ movie: Lost and Found

When a penguin appears on his doorstep, a boy decides to take him home to the North Pole – but what does the penguin want? A touching, gorgeous animation. Watch now »

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