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We have more first and exclusives coming in hot this week with Younger S4 and the grand finale of the hit MMA series Kingdom S3 landing on Showmax. Plus plenty of laughs, thrills, action, and adventure with this line-up. Check it out!

New season of a rom-com series: Younger S4 – First on Showmax

First and only on Showmax – Liza confessed her secret to Kelsey, but that starts a rollercoaster season where new love and old gripes all arrive at the same time! Watch now »

Finale of MMA action/drama series: Kingdom S3 – First on Showmax

Showmax has been bringing you each episode of Season 3 of Kingdom express from the US, 24 hours after it first aired, and it’s the only place on the continent that you’ve been able to watch the series. Here we bring you the last episode of Season 3, which is also the series finale of this intense and gripping MMA series. Watch now »

Action and adventure series: The Flash S2

The Flash has defeated his foe, the Reverse-Flash. Now our hero has to plunge straight into the threat his arch-nemesis left behind, the reality-destroying Singularity! Watch now »

Stand-up comedy: John Oliver-Terrifying Times

The talk show star heads back to his roots, stand-up comedy! With his trademark dry wit, John Oliver dissects the world of politics, humanity and his strange childhood. Watch now »

Thriller movie: Monster

Charlize Theron is transformed as Aileen Wuornos, the serial killer who stalked highways in the late eighties. Follow her dark story as a life of survival turns evil. Watch now »

Nollywood movie: Perfect Picture 

Three beautiful women who are pushing 30 make bold attempts to change their lives, which, from the outside, already seem perfect, but destiny plays a joke on them. Watch now »

Nollywood movie: Ties That Bind 

Three women from different backgrounds bound by a similar pain, the loss of a child, meet to renovate a dilapidated clinic where they mull over life. Watch now »

African Film Library movie: Imbabazi

After being imprisoned for killing ethnic Tutsis during the Rwandan genocide, Manzi must now face the consequences of his most personal crime: the murder of his best friend’s family. Watch now »

Boxset collection: Ousmane Sembene

Ousmane Sembene is often called the father of African film. Find out why in this delightful boxset of his greatest hits, now streaming on Showmax.  Watch now »

African Film Library movie: KatiKati

Kaleche wakes up near Kati Kati, a lodge in the middle of nowhere. She discovers Kati Kati is inhabited by the souls of dead people waiting for redemption… Watch now »

Editor’s choice movie: A.I. Artificial Intelligence

David is a robot, but his software lets him mimic a living child. Is he really just a copy or does David actually feel like the rest of us? Watch now »

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