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There’s a feast of entertainment for grown-ups, kids and teens alike this weekend, thanks to the new series episodes, movies, kids’ titles and documentaries that joined Showmax’s 35 000-strong line-up this week.

Series additions

Mr Robot, Season 3, episode 4

This season opened with Elliot waking up after being shot in a place he didn’t recognise. Find out what awaits Elliot and the rest of fsociety in this week’s episode of the gripping cyber-thriller starring Rami Malek. New episodes come to Showmax every Thursday express from the US. Watch now »

Movie additions


Strangerland on Showmax
Image: Videovision

Nicole Kidman and Hugo Weaving lead this riveting drama about a town looking for two missing teenagers, unearthing a long-buried scandal in a rural Australian community. Watch now »


Cursed on Showmax
Image: Miramax

Two siblings help a woman in an accident, but are attacked by a frightening creature. They soon discover it was a werewolf, and they will also turn into the beasts… This 2003 horror movie stars Christina Ricci and is a delicious throwback to all the best horror franchises of the 90s. Watch now »

The Break-Up

The Break-Up on Showmax
Image: NBC

Heartbreak is one thing, but carrying on living in the same condo together with your ex because you’re both too stubborn to give up your home is something else entirely. This Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn comedy has its hilarious moments, but also gets very real when it comes to the bitterness and nastiness that’s left when love has left the building. Watch now »


Pariah on Showmax
Image: NBC

Alike is your typical teenager, hanging out with her friends and learning who she is. But her discovery that she is attracted to other women leads to conflict in this tense and stunning drama. Watch now »

Kids’ additions

Disney’s My Friends Tigger & Pooh, Season 2

My Friends Tigger & Pooh on Showmax
Image: Disney

Pooh and his friends, including Darby and Buster, are off on all-new adventures and solving mysteries as the Super Sleuths. Watch now »

Disney’s Girl Meets World, Season 1

Girl Meets World on Showmax
Image: Disney

Life’s not simple when growing up. But Riley is doing her best with school, parents, friends, not to mention that boy she has a crush on… Watch now »

Disney’s Elena of Avalor

Disney's Elena of Avalor on Showmax
Image: Disney

Elena takes back the kingdom stolen from her parents by the evil Shuriki. But that is just the start, as she learns to be the best ruler in the world. Watch now »

Bob the Builder, Seasons 19-20

Bob the Builder on Showmax
Image: DHX

Bob is back with his handy skills as he takes on ghosts, saves a sand sculpture contest, builds a giant bridge in no time and has many more adventures. Watch now »

Bob the Builder: Mega Machines

Bob the Builder Mega Machines on Showmax
Image: DHX

Spring City desperately needs a new dam for its water, so Bob and the Mega Machines team up to build the greatest dam ever in this movie adventure. Watch now »

Non-fiction additions


Tyson on Showmax
Image: Videovision

One of the all-time great boxers, Mike Tyson is a controversial figure and this documentary does not shy away from that. But it also shows his other side. Watch now »

African additions

@Home with Joselyn Dumas

@ Home with Joselyn Dumas on Showmax
Image: AAA

Expect warm banter and intriguing interviews as the award-winning host and actress mingles and chats with celebrity friends in her own home. Watch now »


Aisha on Showmax

A disturbing movie about a bright high school graduate who is raped by her father’s business partner and forced into marriage to protect the family name and business. Watch now »


Dhamira on Showmax

The superstitions and beliefs of a small coastal town put the life of a young child in danger. Can he be saved? Watch now »

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