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Are you undecided on what TV show to watch, especially as the long holidays approach? With over 35 000 series episodes, movies and documentaries on Showmax, no one can blame you. I mean, you don’t know if you should check out fresh shows on Showmax like The Path starring Aaron Paul, or go for something a little more classic and timeless like the boxset of Friends. On the other hand, you’ve heard good things about HBO’s Emmy-winning miniseries Big Little Lies and think it’s time you see what all the fuss is about. It’s a dilemma really. What to do guys, what to do?

We are not psychics or anything, but this quiz will tell you what TV show you should be watching on Showmax.

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Jennifer Ochieng

I'm a Kenyan creative writer with eight years' experience in both the SEO and entertainment industries. I like writing stories about people I've met, but mostly about those I see on TV. Sometimes, when I'm melancholic, I write poetry as well. More about Jennifer Ochieng

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